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Frequently Asked Questions

International Applicants

Are international students eligible to apply for admission?

Foreign applicants who have earned a baccalaureate degree and are proficient in English are eligible to apply.

Are TOEFL scores required for Admission?

No, at this time we do not require the TOEFL for J.D. admissions. If you wish to include a TOEFL score with your application however, the University of Washington’s school code is 4854, and the department code for law school is 03.

Do international students have to register with LSAC and CAS?

Foreign students must register with LSAC in order to sign up for the LSAT. Foreign students who have attended schools which are analyzed by LSAC must also register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) and submit their transcripts through this service. Foreign students who have attended schools which are not analyzed by LSAC can either register with CAS and have their transcripts sent through this service, or they can have them sent directly to the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid. We prefer, though do not require, that letters of recommendation be sent through CAS. Letters of recommendation may be sent directly to the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid, though this may delay completion of your application.

Are international students eligible for financial aid and/or scholarships?

Federal financial aid is not available to international students through the University of Washington. Visit our Financial Aid page on our website for information on possible resources.

Can international students study abroad at the University of Washington School of Law?

Yes, the University of Washington accepts international students wishing to study abroad at our law school as non-degree or visiting students. For more information, visit the Non-Degree/Visiting Students page on our website.

Last updated 12/30/2014