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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I start the law school admissions process?

The best time to start the law school admissions process is at least one year before you want to apply. The LSAT is only administered four times a year, there are a lot of factors that must be considered when choosing a law school, and the application process can be intricate and time intensive. It is important to plan ahead. Begin by deciding which LSAT test date is best for you. For more information about the LSAT, and other admissions resources, visit the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) at www.lsac.org.

How many applications does the University of Washington School of Law receive a year?

We receive over 2,900 applications each year. Please visit our American Bar Association page for more details.

Are there particular Bachelor's degrees or undergraduate universities that are more desirable for admission than others?

No. We admit applicants with a wide range of undergraduate universities and a wide range of degrees, from Anthropology to Political Science to Zoology. No degree or undergraduate university is preferred over others. You should major in the field of study that most interests you. Take courses that will enhance your skills in critical analysis, logical reasoning, general research, and written and oral expression. Challenge yourself by taking difficult courses from demanding instructors so you can show your capacity to perform well at an academically rigorous level.

What are the median LSAT scores and GPA's of admitted applicants?

See the latest admissions data for LSAT, GPA, and other statistics.

Is there a separate scholarship application I have to complete in addition to the J.D. application?

Applicants who were offered admission to the UW School of Law will have the opportunity to apply for admissions scholarships. Applicants interested in receiving a scholarship must submit a scholarship application to be considered.

Does the UW School of Law accept transfer and non-degree students?

Yes. A student who has completed at least one year at a member school of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) may apply for transfer admission with advanced standing with credit for no more than one year of such work. A student who has completed or expects to complete at least two years at a member school of the AALS and who expects to graduate from that school may apply for admission as a non-degree candidate. Transfers and non-degree candidates are generally in the top of their class at their current law school. Transfer applications are available on May 1 and are due July 15. For more information, visit the Transfer Non-Degree page on our website.

What is the annual cost of attendance (Tuition and Expenses)?

Tuition and expenses for the current academic year are available in the Paying for Law School section.

How do I obtain Washington State Residency?

To learn more about obtaining Washington State Residency, visit the Residency Classification Office website here.

I heard there's a preference for in-state residents over out-of-state residents. Is this true?

The UW School of Law is a Washington state public school, and thus has the privilege and responsibility to support residents of Washington State. The UW School of Law, however, is committed to diversity, which includes a diverse student body composed of students from all over the country and abroad. In this light, residency is one factor of many considered during the admissions process.

Does the UW School of Law attend recruiting events such as the LSAC forums and other law school fairs?

Yes, the admissions team and faculty members travel across the country to meet prospective applicants at recruiting events and law school fairs. To see if the UW School of Law will be in your area, visit our recruiting schedule for this fall.

Do you host open houses or admissions information sessions?

Yes, an open house information session is held at our law school building, William H. Gates Hall every Autumn and Spring. Check back on our website for dates, or contact the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid for more information.

Can I speak to an admissions representative?

Yes. You are welcome to contact us by phone or email, or come visit us in person. Though walk-ins are available, please call to make an appointment, or arrange your visit in advance by filling out a Visit Request Form. There, you can indicate whether you wish to take a tour of the law school, observe a class, and/or meet with an admissions representative.

Last updated 12/30/2014