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Tax Law Graduate Program (LL.M.)

The University of Washington School of Law’s Graduate Program in Taxation provides a rigorous study of tax law leading to the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation.

Located in the beautiful and vibrant city of Seattle, the University of Washington School of Law is a highly-ranked law school in one of the premier research universities in the world.

The Pacific Northwest is the gateway to the Pacific Rim and is home to many of the world’s leading corporations, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Nike, Amazon.com, Costco, and Nintendo. As a result, the Graduate Program in Taxation is able to draw faculty from a dynamic legal community. Courses are taught by both nationally-recognized scholars and leading practitioners in their area of specialty, who bring cutting-edge practice experience to the classroom.

The Graduate Program in Taxation admits students on either a full-time or part-time basis. In addition, those interested in taking only a few classes may do so as a non-degree candidate. Classes are generally scheduled in the late afternoon or evening to accommodate students who work while earning their degree.

Tax Program in the News

  • - Forbes Increasingly, federal judges are going easy on tax cheats, or at least easier than the U.S. Sentencing Commission’ s guidelines say they should. In 1984, in an effort to reduce the glaring sentence disparities that resulted from trial judges’ almost unlimited power to fashion sentences, Congress created the Sentencing Commission and ordered it to adopt guidelines. For the next two decades, as Congress intended, judges were generally required to impose sentences within the guidelines, although various provisions allowed them to depart up or down.
  • - The article titled “Paying It Forward in Pasco"  descrobes Lopez's  Pro Bono work. [The link is for subscribers only.]

Last updated 5/5/2014