Law School Commencement 2014

Date: June 8, 2014
Time: 2:30 p.m.*
Location: Meany Hall

*NOTE: family members and guests must be in their seats by 2:15 p.m.

Reception for Class of 2014 immediately following on the Terrace at William H. Gates Hall.

There are about 185 J.D. graduates and 100 LL.M. graduates in the Class of 2014. Tickets for the LL.M. graduates are handled by their program coordinators. The ticket distribution process for J.D. graduates is:

  1. You determine how many tickets you would like.
  2. We distribute an initial allotment of three tickets.
  3. After a deadline has passed, we count how many tickets are leftover and do another round of distribution to each who has requested more tickets; usually one or two are distributed at this time.
  4. We keep doing this (counting leftovers after a deadline, and handing out one or two each) until either all of the tickets are gone and/or all requests have been filled.
  5. Individuals without tickets are invited to watch the proceedings through a live webcast at the William H. Gates Hall. Law School staff will be present to assist guests at the law school.



  • J.D. students must complete the ABA required Graduate Employment Survey before picking up graduation tickets. Please present your survey confirmation form to Dean Speer.
  • All tickets are signed out on a distribution sheet, with the graduate signing for the tickets. If someone cannot pick up their own tickets for any reason, they must e-mail us with an appointed designee and forward his or her survey confirmation form.
  • Please guard your tickets like gold, as lost tickets *cannot* be replaced.
  • We cannot hand out more tickets than Meany Hall seats. The Hall was recently configured to seat 1163, including 16 wheelchair spaces. Our graduates sit onstage, which frees up house seating (a big plus).
  • We open the house more than an hour prior to the official starting time of the ceremony.
  • Due to fire regulations, no strollers, balloons, or car seats are allowed in the auditorium. These items may be left in the foyer.
  • William H. Gates Hall opens at 11:00am on Sunday, June 8 for tours with family and friends.

More information on the UW Commencement web page, including cap and gown rental is available at

Last updated 7/8/2014