Annual Photo Contest

The annual pet photo contest raises funds for SALDF programming, and is a great way to give your pet the exposure it deserves!

2013 Contest

Thank you all for your participation in our contest this year! We are pleased to announce that we raised $361.72 for Old Dog Haven, a local fostering system for abandoned senior dogs. Thank you again! And thank your wonderful pets!

This year we had over 52 entries including dogs, cats and even a bunny. Some were sleepy, some were playful, some were even busy studying their law books, and ALL of them were adorable.

  • FIRST PLACE: Cody -entered by Brittany
  • SECOND PLACE: Patches and Jasper -entered by Sierra
  • THIRD PLACE: TIE! Thor -entered by Priya<
    Cavalier King Charles -entered by Sook

Again, thank you so much for helping us make a difference in the animal community. We are already excited to see the contenders for next year!

2012 Contest

Do you have an adorable pet? Do they do cute or hilarious things? Is it impossible to resist taking pictures of them? The annual Pet Photo Contest gives the law school the chance to see some of our community's dearest but least-seen members, our animal companions!

The Fifth Annual Pet Photo Contest will take place May 14-18, 2012. Voting by cash donationwill take place during lunchtime in the galleria of the law school. Proceeds will be donated to local dog rescue Tough Love Pit Bull Rescue. The contest winner will also receive a vegan treat as a prize.

Students, faculty, and staff can participate by submitting photos and by voting. Send photo submissions and questions to or leave a 4x6" print with your name and your pet's name to the SALDF office (Room 214) by Friday, May 11 .

2011 Contest

Thanks again for your participation in this year's pet photo contest! We are thrilled to announce we raised a total of $603.14 for Animal Talk Rescue, a local non-profit, no-kill shelter. This is really incredible that we are able to give such a large donation that will go very far at a local rescue, so really, THANK YOU (and thank you to your pets for helping to raise money to save other animals!).

FIRST PLACE: Pumpkin (entered by Mel)

SECOND PLACE: Tuco and Fonzi (entered by Julie)

THIRD PLACE: Buster (entered by Lenny)

FOURTH PLACE: Jemma (entered by Linda)

Honorable Mention Cat Photo: Gus (entered by Sarah)

Honorable Mention Dog Photo: Coco (entered by Jesse)

Honorable Mention Multiple Pets Photo: Margene and Barb (entered by Beth)

See the winning photos!

2010 Contest

The fourth annual pet photo contest took place April 19 - May 7 and raised $294.71, which was donated to Pigs Peace, a local no-kill animal sanctuary!

Overall Winners: FIRST PLACE (and return champion!): Bocephus J. Ferret, Ph.D., Esq. (entered by Justin), SECOND PLACE: Tinkerbell (entered by Kathy), THIRD PLACE: Margene (entered by Beth), FOURTH PLACE: Franklin Pickles (entered by Erin), Honorable Mention Cat Photo: Leo (entered by Linda ), Honorable Mention Dog Photo: Ferdinand (entered by Jordan ), Honorable Mention Mulitple Pets Photo: Tuco & Fonzi (entered by Julie )

Daily Winners: Margene (entered by Beth ), Ferdinand (entered by Jordan), Bisbee (entered by David), Leo (entered by Linda), Bocephus J. Ferret, Ph.D., Esq. (entered by Justin), Tinkerbell (entered by Kathy)

See all entries >>

2009 Contest

The third annual pet photo contest raised $460.87, which was donated to Rabbit Meadows Sanctuary, a local no-kill animal shelter.

First place went to “Bocephus J. Ferret, Esq.” (submitted by Justin Andrews), who garnered a total of $132.60 in donations! Second place went to “Big Boy” (submitted by Deborah Ann Frederick), who garnered $110.50 in donations!

The Daily Winners were: “Big Boy” (submitted by Deborah Ann Frederick) for 02/18/2009; “Jasper, King of the Castle” (submitted by Staci Kman) for 02/19/2009; “Cletus” (submitted by Kendra Long) for 02/20/2009; “Madeline” (submitted by Jessica Rieken) for 02/23/2009; and “Guapo” (submitted by Catherine Gonzaga) for 02/27/2009. See all entries >>

More information about the contest here

2008 Contest

Congratulations to the winners: Kendra Long's dog, and Nate Strauss's cat. Kudos to Arlo Hammontree for winning the faculty/staff pet matchup contest.

2007 Contest

Joe the GreyhoundDue to intensive lobbying efforts by our members, the top dogs were Chinook the whippet, who lives with Peggy Hawkins and Joe the greyhound, rescued by Abigail Cromwell. The winning cats were Jacksie and Lexa, Jenn Kaplan's companions and Bella, who lives with Owyhee Weikel-Magden. Overall, the contest raised nearly $250. See all entries >>