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The winning photo: Pickles and Remi

Meet Pickles and Remi the 2014 Annual Pet Photo Contest Winners

Winners Pickles and Remi, belong to Aejung Yoon.

Thank you all for your participation in our contest this year!

We are pleased to announce that we raised $153.50 for Pigs Peace Sanctuary, a non-profit organization providing a safe haven of love for pigs and their friends.

Thank you again! And thank your wonderful pets!

5/10/2013 - Conceptualizing our relationships with animals-the six ways we interact: Food, Clothing, Wildlife, Science, Pets, and Entertainment Friday, May 10, 2013, University of Washington, William Gates Hall

The University of Washington School of Law's 2013 Animal Law Conference is focused on the six ways that we view and interact with animals: food, clothing, wildlife, science, pets and entertainment. There is a world of issues about the ethical implications of how we see animals. Lawyers involved in animal rights issues deal with litigation and challenges in all of these areas. Please join us for an exciting and thoughtful interdisciplinary event.

Keynote Speaker: Carter Dillard, Director of Litigation, Animal Legal Defense Fund.
Cost: $25
CLE credits: 6.25 CLE Credits (includes 1.0 Ethics Credits) Approved

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For more information or questions, please contact Priya Rai, Co-President at priyashivanirai@gmailcom

Annual Pet Photo Contest

Do you have an adorable pet? Do they do cute or hilarious things? Is it impossible to resist taking pictures of them? The annual Pet Photo Contest gives the law school the chance to see some of our community's dearest but least-seen members, our animal companions! Students, faculty, and staff can participate by submitting photos and by voting.

Send photo submissions and questions to or leave a 4x6" print with your name and your pet's name to the SALDF office (Room 214) by Friday, May 11.

The Fifth Annual Pet Photo Contest will take place May 14-18, 2012. Votes by cash donation will be accepted each of those days during lunch and the proceeds will be donated to local dog rescue Tough Love Pit Bull Rescue. The contest winner will also receive a vegan treat as a prize.

4/13/2012 –A Healthy Co-Existence: Animal Law, Public Health and Safety Friday, April 13, 2012, University of Washington, Gates Hall, 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

The University of Washington School of Law’s 2012 Animal Law Conference is focused on the crossroads of animal law and public health. As public health becomes a burgeoning concern in our nation, it intersects more and more with the world of animal law. Lawyers face the issues of hunting and fishing, the ethical and health implications of horse slaughter, the efficacy (or lack thereof) of breed specific legislation in reducing human injury and dog abuse, and the increasing mental and public health problem of animal hoarding. Lawyers involved in animal rights issues handle public health issues and ethical implications daily. Please join us for an exciting and thoughtful interdisciplinary event both practical and forward-thinking.

Program Highlights:

  • Ethics on animal hoarding
  • Indian treaty-based fishing laws
  • Illegal fishing and hunting criminal statutes
  • Service animal legislation
  • Breed-specific pet legislation
  • Implications of horse slaughter

Preregistration is required. Please register early to confirm your seat. Register online here.

View the program brochure.


For more information or questions, please contact Priya Rai, Co-President at

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