Afghan Dean's Conference and grant update

The UWLS Asian Law Center hosted a USAID sponsored study tour of deans, law professors and ministry officials from Afghanistan February 19-25, 2006. The group included representatives from the law and shari’a faculties of several law schools in Afghanistan. The delegation met with the faculty and dean of the UW law school and other experts on how to build and sustain law schools, as well as curriculum development.

“Decades of war led to a catastrophic neglect of the legal systems in Afghanistan,” said Professor Clark Lombardi, “but Afghan judges, lawyers and educators today have tremendous vision and dedication.” Lombardi is an expert in Islamic law who has worked with the Afghan government on law reform.

The conference was part of the Asian Law Center’s Afghan Legal Educators Project, funded by a $2 million US Department of State grant in December 2004. The grant supports the UW law school to provide post-graduate legal training to faculty members and curriculum development to train the Afghan legal community. As part of the project, the center will provide in-country seminars, English language training to program candidates and a conference of legal educators to be held in Afghanistan.

The Center looks forward to welcoming its first group of Afghan law faculty for post-graduate legal training here at UW in July.

Afghan Deans Conference (l to r) Back row: Quadir Amiryar; Professor Veronica Taylor (UWLS); Professor Clark Lombardi (UWLS); Professor Jon Eddy (UWLS) ; Dean Abdul Raof (Herat University); Professor Mohammad Ibrahim Noorzaee (Kabul University); Professor Hafizullah Danish (Kabul University); Dean Sher Ali Amn (Nangarhar University); Professor Nasrullah Stanekzai (Kabul University); Dean Abudul Majid Hedayat (Nangarhar University); Front row: Ata Arjomand (Perkins Coie); Dean Yama Sharaf (Balkh University); Abdul Sulaiman Ghafoori; Dean Abdul Iqrar Wasel (Kabul University); Dean Gholam Nabi; Arash Koshan

Not pictured: Dean Abdul Aziz Aziz (Kabul University); Dean Mohammad Yasin Fallah (Balkh University); Professor Noor Jahan Yousufzai