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May 2013 - Special Edition

Celebrating UW Law's Distinguished Intellectual Property Teachers:
Learning from the World's Best IP Lawyers

This year we have been celebrating the 10-year anniversary of UW Law’s Graduate Program in Intellectual Property Law & Policy (“IP Program”). We would like to close this year of celebration by paying tribute to our outstanding teachers and shining a spotlight on several of them. These world class IP law experts help make the IP Program a world class educational experience.

--Robert W. Gomulkiewicz
UW Law Foundation Professor of Law,
Faculty Director of the Law, Technology & Arts Group

Teaching the Core of IP Law

IP Boot Camp. That's what the students call it, although the official course name is "IP Law Core." The "core" refers to core IP law fundamentals because the 8-credit class establishes the foundation for the rest of the IP Program. lasterDan Laster and Sean O'Connor, with their competing banter and wit, were the first to teach this class. Their pioneering interactive approach made the class highly engaging, seasoned generously with practical lessons from their own law practice experience

Dan is a former Associate General Counsel at Microsoft where he led its copyright and trademark legal group, including registering the famous "Windows" trademark, and now serves as General Counsel at PATH, a health care technology NGO. Dan has also developed and taught the Advanced Copyright Seminar and International Intellectual Property class.OConnor

Sean is a Professor of Law who spent several years in law practice and played in a rock band. (Sean continues to perform today with Judge Rader). Sean's entrepreneurial spirit led him to found the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic and he now serves as the Faculty Director of the Law, Business, and Entrepreneurship Program. He also teaches courses at the intersection of intellectual property and business law, such as Bio-entrepreneurship and the Law.

ONeillInsights from Copyright Scholars

UW Law is fortunate to have two excellent copyright scholars on its faculty. Kate O'Neill has published articles on copyright fair use and copyrightability of literary characters. She taught Copyright Law as a standalone course in the early days of the IP Program and has also taught Copyright as part of the IP Law Core.

SaidZahr Said joined the UW Law faculty in 2011 with a Ph.D. in literature. Her scholarship focuses on advertising law and the application of literary analysis to copyright law. She has been teaching Copyright as part of the IP Law Core and will teach the Advanced Copyright Seminar in the next academic year.

Taking Writing Seriously

Naeve What better person to teach writing than someone like Signe Naeve with a B.A. in English, a B.A. in Journalism, a J.D., and has practiced media and copyright law? IP Program students must complete a major research "thesis" paper. Signe guides them through this process. She teaches both the introductory and advanced legal writing courses for IP Program students and has done so for the majority of the IP Program's existence. One marker of the quality of the IP Program legal writing experience is that more than 30 student papers have been published in law journals and two of those publications have been cited by federal courts.

carlson hermanns
David Carlson, left and Karl Hermanns

Prosecuting Patents

Combined, David Carlson and Karl Hermanns have more than 50 years of experience. During that time they have been the patent lawyers for many of the innovators in biotech, computer, and telecommunications that have emerged from the Puget Sound region. UW Law is fortunate to have them teaching Patent Prosecution in the IP Program.

They are both partners (Karl is now the Managing Partner) at the Seed IP Law Firm, one of Seattle's premier patent firms.

Commercializing IP

baillyOnce you have a patent, then what? Having IP is useful, but even more useful is knowing how to monetize it. Maggy Bailly teaches a course that explores the wide variety of strategies for making money from inventions. She helps students explore the commercial context for IP and understand how IP commercialization plays out on a global basis. Maggie spent several years as an in-house lawyer at the Boeing Company and now has her own law firm that specializes in international IP transactions.

Litigating IP

meiklejohnAnother pillar of the IP Program's faculty, Paul Meiklejohn's Patent Litigation class has a reputation for being tough, but worth the effort. Paul's course is an outstanding example of the way IP Program students benefit from an experience as close to law practice as an academic setting can provide. Paul is a partner at Dorsey & Whitney and is considered one of the top IP litigators in the U.S. He represents clients from all over the world as they litigate their cases in U.S. courts.

Considering Software Patents

culbert One of the most controversial applications of patent law is in the software industry. Andy Culbert is the chief patent litigation strategist at Microsoft Corporation, which has been on both sides of patent litigation. He played a leading role in Microsoft's patent cases that have come to the Supreme Court, including the AT&T v. Microsoft case. Andy has shared his knowledge with students in the Legal Protection for Software and IP Survey courses.

Going Deeper into Trademarks

AtkinsMike Atkins has shared his trademark expertise with IP Program students in many forums. He's a regular teacher of a tutorial on Advanced Trademark law and has taught trademark as part of IP Law Core. Mike practiced trademark law for many years at Graham & Dunn and now has his own trademark law boutique firm.

See a complete list of our outstanding teachers.

Upcoming Events

May 3 - IP Inputs and Outputs: The Web of Transactions in Developing and Commercializing Technology

May 3-10 - Global IP Week

May 6 - Naeve chairs INTA Trademark Scholarship Symposium in Dallas, TX

May 13-15 - SPCC-CASRIP Judicial Conference, China
Contact Dongsheng Zang or Joy Xiang

May 17 - Shanghai High Ct-CASRIP Joint Conference, China
Contact Dongsheng Zang or Joy Xiang

May 20-22 - NSTDA-CASRIP Summer Institute, Thailand
Contact Joy Xiang or Toshiko Takenaka

May 27-29 - CASRIP: KIPA-SNU Visit, Korea
Contact Kris Lee

May 30 - AIPPI Japan

May 31 - UW CASRIP-IP LL.M. Tokyo Reunion
Contact Toshiko Takenaka

June 3 - Osaka University IPrism

June 4 - Waseda RCLIP Standard Essential Patents

June 5 - Tokyo Medical Dental University, Industry Alliances Division Patent Exhaustion

June 15 - Takenaka speaks at Conference for European Competition Law Judges
Contact Toshiko Takenaka

July 18 - August 3 - CASRIP Summer Institute, High Tech Summit
Contact Kris Lee

July 31 - UW CASRIP-IP LL.M. Osaka Reunion
Contact Toshiko Takenaka

August 5-6 - CASRIP: USPTO and CAFC visit, Washington D.C.
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