Welcome to the JAPANLAW LIST ("Japanlaw"), an electronic discussion group devoted to issues of Japanese law. All persons with an interest in Japanese law -- business people, law professors, lawyers, students, and anyone else -- are welcome to subscribe.


Japanlaw is an unmoderated discussion forum, meaning that messages posted to Japanlaw go directly to all subscribers without being examined by the administrator for suitability and relevance. Please be topical in your postings and bear in mind that other members have consented to receive messages only relating to Japanese law. While "Japanese law" can be broadly understood, Japanlaw is not a list for a general discussion of simply anything related to Japan. Other subjects should be discussed in other fora. Because Japanlaw is unmoderated, it is essential that members observe the rule of topicality voluntarily. If it becomes necessary for an administrator to screen messages for relevance, this will slow down the functioning of the list and make it less open.

In order to maximize the usefulness of Japanlaw to subscribers, the following guidelines for messages are suggested:

  • Subscribers are urged to exercise their judgment and to ensure that all postings are reasonably of interest to a group of people who are interested in Japanese law.
  • Messages relating to posting policy and other aspects of the list are also acceptable, but subscribers are urged not to let discussions about Japanlaw dominate discussions about Japanese law.
  • Please do not send private messages intended for one person to the entire membership of Japanlaw. This happens most frequently when Person A sees a message from Person B to Japanlaw and sends a reply to Person B, but through carelessness with the Reply function ends up addressing the message to Japanlaw as well.

It is quite acceptable to send a message (preferably tasteful) announcing your own book or article if it will be of interest to subscribers. Other messages of a commercial nature, such as announcements of employment opportunities in the field of Japanese law, may be useful to the Japanlaw community and are also acceptable until such time as they proliferate to the point of alienating subscribers. Such postings should, however, be brief and informative, and should invite interested subscribers to receive further information through private communication with the sender. Messages posting resumes or otherwise seeking employment are not acceptable.

The following etiquette guidelines are also suggested:

  • Please identify yourself and your institutional affiliation, if any, in your messages. It is not impossible that circumstances could exist justifying an anonymous posting, but they will be rare.
  • Please be polite. If another subscriber has been impolite, please wait 24 hours to cool off before replying. Flame wars are very unpleasant and invariably lead to a rash of requests to unsubscribe.

One of the great benefits of Japanlaw can be help in finding obscure sources that few people know about. On the other hand, even the most public-spirited of subscribers is unlikely to want to spend his or her time listing sources the inquirer could easily have found with a little work. Therefore, in order to maximize the probability of getting a useful response, it is suggested that any request for assistance in locating certain resources include the following information:

  • Where the sender has looked already; and
  • Whether the sender can read Japanese-language materials.


Messages to subscribers of Japanlaw should be sent to Requests to subscribe or unsubscribe should be sent to the List Processor at To subscribe to this list, email the List Processor with the following message (minus the angle brackets) in the body:

subscribe japanlaw <Firstname Lastname>

For example:

subscribe japanlaw Boris Badunov

To remove your name from the list (unsubscribe), email the List Processor with the following message in the body:

unsubscribe japanlaw


signoff japanlaw

You do not need to include your name in this message, but it must come from the same address from which you subscribed. Please do not send unsubscribe messages to Japanlaw or to the administrator. Japanlaw subscribers cannot unsubscribe you.

In some cases it may be impossible to send messages from the address from which the subscription originated. In such cases, you must be unsubscribed manually, and you should direct a request for a manual unsubscribe to the address for technical questions listed below under "Technical Questions". Please note that a manual unsubscribe takes the administrator's time and should not be requested unless you cannot unsubscribe yourself automatically.


We hope to establish an archives of postings to Japanlaw. There is a home page for Japanlaw on the World Wide Web at


Please address any technical questions concerning the Japanlaw list to

Veronica Taylor
Japanlaw List Administrator
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Seattle, Washington

Last updated: May 3, 2004

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