Thank-you Letter Guidelines

The deadline for thank you letters (hard copies and electronic) is December 1, 2011.

The Office Event Management & Donor Relations will be mailing your thank you letters to the donors of your fund(s) as part of a larger packet of information. Therefore, no hard copy letter is required or needed this year. We have also simplified the way you will submit your letter. Please submit your letter via catalyst survey here by the first day of winter quarter at midnight. Please paste the context of your letter directly into the answer box. We will format your letter, include the formal address block, salutation line and date when you letter is mailed as part of the larger packet.

No hard copy letter is required. Paste the content of your letter directly in the answer box of question 2 in the catalyst survey link below.

Only write one letter, even if you receive multiple scholarships. If you are the recipient of multiple scholarships from UW Law, you only need to write and submit one letter. We will send that letter to all donors of all funds you are the recipient of. No address block or salutation line is needed – we will insert that for you.

The deadline for thank you letters is the first day of winter quarter each academic year. The catalyst survey for uploading letter context will close at midnight the first day of winter quarter.

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