Paying for Law School: Financial Aid

The University of Washington School of Law’s Commitment to Institutional Aid

The UW School of Law is dedicated to helping students meet educational expenses through loans, grants, and scholarships. The law school and the University of Washington's Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) are committed to offering a comprehensive financial aid package to help students achieve their educational goals while minimizing student educational debt.

Submit a FAFSA

Students interested in receiving federal financial aid must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The FAFSA can be completed online at:  Please make sure to list the University of Washington-Seattle using the federal code #003798.

The priority deadline for students to submit their FAFSA is February 28.  Students who submit their FAFSA after this date will still be considered for aid, however, it will be based on remaining available funds.  To receive the best possible financial aid award, students are strongly encouraged to submit their FAFSA by February 28.

Any questions about the FAFSA or its processing should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid at: or 206.543.6101.

Submit a Scholarship Application

Students admitted into UW Law as an incoming first-year student may submit a scholarship application starting January 1.  The application is available through the Admitted Students Portal.  Applications will be accepted until March 15.  Current UW Law students will be able to access the scholarship application here starting May 1 and will be accepted until June 30.

Students who have questions about the scholarship application can contact us at: or 206.543.4078.

Applying for Summer Aid

Summer Quarter is the first quarter of the academic year. The types and amounts of aid available are limited.

A FAFSA or a Renewal Application must be completed before we can determine your eligibility for Summer Quarter aid.   Students will also have to submit a Summer Aid application, which is available through your MyUW account.

We recommend filing your FAFSA at least 12 weeks before the beginning of Summer Quarter. We recommend you file the summer aid application by May 15 for priority processing. Normal processing time for Summer Quarter aid can take up to eight (8) weeks depending upon when you submitted your FAFSA and if additional information is needed to evaluate your eligibility.

Pay your own tuition by the due date if your financial aid will not be ready in time. Tuition for Summer Quarter is due on Friday of the third week of the quarter.

Minimum Enrollment Requirement:

The full-time and part-time enrollment requirements for Summer Quarter are the same as for any quarter for the academic year. To review enrollment requirements, please refer to How to Receive Your Aid. Correspondence courses and Continuing Education credits do not count toward the minimum enrollment requirement. UW Educational Outreach credits count only if you are a UW degree student, the class is a regular credit class and the class appears on your regular University class schedule; check with our office before you register. Visiting Students (summer-only attendees) and other Non-Matriculated students are not eligible for aid during Summer Quarter. Summer Quarter Aid Programs: Most, but not all aid programs are available in summer quarter too. OSFA will determine if you are eligible to receive additional funds for each type of aid you are eligible to receive, or if we need to spread your eligibility for aid over four quarters instead of the regular three quarters of attendance.

The aid programs are described in more detail in Graduate Types of Aid.

Summer Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement

 If you are a continuing student, you must meet satisfactory academic progress requirements for the prior year to receive aid. If you do not complete the required number of credits for the year by the end of Spring Quarter, your eligibility for aid will be suspended, we will stop processing your aid and Summer Quarter aid will not be disbursed to you.

See Satisfactory Academic Progress for more information.

Summer Refund and Repayment Policy

Financial aid will be refunded to the aid programs if you withdraw from all of your classes during the university or federal refund period. In addition, if you withdraw Summer Quarter, you may owe immediate repayment of aid you received (except direct loans that are payable according to the terms of the promissory note). If you withdraw during the federal refund period, (i.e., the first 60% of your enrollment period, the amount of aid that must be returned to the aid programs is based on the proportion of the quarter remaining (that was not completed). For example, if you withdraw with 80% of the quarter remaining, 80% of your aid funds must be returned to the aid programs. The amount that you must repay immediately depends on the amount of university fees and the type and amount of aid for summer. Please see Withdrawals or Refund for Aid Recipients.

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