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Faculty Colloquia

Through scholarship and service, UW law faculty influence public policy and shape legal theory. Faculty colloquia nurture our dynamic community of scholars and teachers and allow the UW School of Law to showcase the work of distinguished scholars from our campus and from other universities. The colloquia are a forum for provocative and innovative legal scholarship and provide an opportunity for faculty to exchange ideas with other scholars, to foster relationships with other institutions, and to collaborate on works in progress.

Upcoming/Recent Faculty Colloquia

Colloquium Schedule
Date Speaker Title
10/2/2014 Stephen Morse
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Indispensable Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology: The (Non) Challenge from Neuroscience
5/15/2014 Terry Price & Sara Ainsworth
“Undoing Washington’s Compensated Surrogacy Prohibitions: What is the Future?”
5/8/2014 Jules Coleman
5/1/2014 Gabriel “Jack” Chin
UC Davis
4/24/2014 Jane Winn
4/17/2014 Victor Fleischer
UC San Deigo
Tax Topic
4/10/2014 Zachary Bray
2/27/2014 Harlan G. Cohen
University of Georgia Law
2/20/2014 Saule Omarova
North Carolina
2/13/2014 Helen Anderson
2/6/2014 Gregory Sisk
St. Thomas
Empirical Study of Religious Liberty Cases: or Ethical Expectations of Lawyers Handling Physical Evidence
1/30/2014 Wadie Said
South Carolina
Terrorism Topic
1/23/2014 James Stewart
British Columbia
1/16/2014 Nan Hunter
Sexuality and the Civil Rights Paradigm

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