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  • Externships are intended to serve a variety of goals. First, Public Service Externships are intended to educate students about their professional responsibilities, particularly their obligation to perform pro bono work as practicing attorneys, and to encourage a lifelong commitment to public service. Second, Public Service Externships are intended to help students develop practical lawyering skills by carefully supervising students in real world situations and thereby teaching them to integrate the theory of law with the practice of law. Third, Public Service Externships are intended to help students become aware of meaningful career and pro bono opportunities, particularly in public interest and governmental settings.

    Students must have completed one year of law school before they may undertake an Externship. Externships must be law related, professional in nature and unpaid. Organizations that sponsor Public Service Externships must ensure that students are adequately trained and supervised. The Externship Field Supervisor must be an attorney, judge or other approved professional. Students must also be supervised by a full-time faculty member. One academic credit is awarded for every 30 hours of work up. With respect to those externships that award 6 or more academic credits, additional requirements apply as set forth in the Externship Guidelines.

    "Public Service Legal Work" must be law related, professional in nature and non-clerical. In addition, and in order to comply with the regulations imposed by the ABA, public service work must be uncompensated. Law related work includes, but is not limited to: interviewing witnesses and clients; investigation of factual or legal data; legal research and writing; lobbying; legislative analysis; participating in hearings, oral arguments, arbitrations, mediations, negotiations, or trials; public speaking on law related matters; providing law related training or education; counseling on law related matters; participating in the development of case or project strategy. This list is not all inclusive.

    The work may be performed at anytime during the academic year or during any holiday break including the summer.

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