Faculty Supervisor Information

Unless an exception has been granted, the Faculty Supervisor will be Esther Park, Director of the Center for Professional and Leadership Development. The Faculty Supervisor will monitor both the educational value of the externship as well as the student's academic achievement. In this capacity, the Faculty Supervisor shall:

Before the externship:

  • Sign the Externship Application. By signing the application you are agreeing to act as the student's supervisor and to adhere to this listing of responsibilities.

During the externship:

  • Communicate with the Field Supervisor in person, by telephone, or by email at the beginning and at the end of the externship;
  • It is the Student's responsibility to initially facilitate communication between faculty and field supervisors, and to assist in arranging the site visit. After communications have been arranged by the student, it is the Faculty Supervisor’s responsibility to initiate the conversations and meetings with the Field Supervisor.
  • If required, meet with the Field Supervisor in person, at the externship site, at least once per year. One site visit each year is sufficient for all students externing, at that site, that year. Note: The Public Service Program Coordinator will maintain a database of sites at which faculty performed site visits during the previous calendar year. Faculty supervisors and students will be notified via email if a site visit is required, when a student's externship is registered with Academic Services.
  • Confer with the student, at least bi-weekly, to review and discuss the student's work and educational experience. The Faculty Supervisor may require additional reports and/or meetings.

After the externship:

  • When the final report from the student and the final Field Supervisors Performance Evaluation have been received, the Public Service Program Coordinator will create a Credit Award Packet and forward it to the Faculty Supervisor.
  • The Credit Award Packet includes:
    • Students Final Report, Field Supervisors Credit Evaluation, Faculty Supervisors Evaluation form, and the Credit Award Request form.
  • Once received:
    • Review and evaluate the Student's Final Report and the Field Supervisor's Final Performance Evaluation. You should retain these copies for your files.
    • Complete the Faculty Supervisor Evaluation regarding the student’s performance and overall externship experience. Choose the Faculty Supervisor Evaluation Form on the right according to the number of credits of the internship.
    • Complete the Credit Award Request indicating whether the student should be awarded the request number of credits.
    • Forward the completed Credit Award Request and Faculty Supervisor's Evaluation to the Public Service Program Coordinator.

The determination to award credit should be based upon a review of: (a) the student's work product and periodic reports; (b) the evaluation of the Field Supervisor; and (c) the student's final report.

The Faculty Supervisor should determine that the student has successfully performed all externship assignments in a competent and professional manner. If the Faculty Supervisor determines that the student has not satisfactorily completed the requirements of the externship, they may decline to award credit.

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