Olympia Quarter Fellows Program

The Olympia Quarter Fellows Program provides students from UW Law School and the Evans School of Public Affairs the opportunity to discover how legislation, regulation and judicial decisions work together to create Washington State law and public policy. Program participants will develop practical legal and policy making skills through full-time externships during Winter Quarter in the judicial, legislative and executive branches of state government.The UW Law School student may receive up to 15 academic credits for Winter Quarter and must satisfy all requirements of the Externship Program, including enrollment in the required General Externship Perspectives Seminar, which will be taught in Olympia by members of the UW Law School faculty.

Externship Placements

Externship placements are available in participating judicial chambers, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Reoccurring opportunities include the Washington State Supreme Court, the Washington State House of Representatives Office of Program Research, and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, and Washington State Health Care Authority.

Application instructions and timelines will be posted on this page during Spring Quarter for the following academic year.

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