Externship Program

Receiving Credit

Students must satisfy all of the requirements of the Externship Program in order to receive credit for an externship. Failure to meet any of the requirements of the Externship Program, including those established by the Field Supervisor and the Faculty Supervisor, will result in reduction or denial of credit.

Field Requirements:

  • Perform all work assigned by the Field Supervisor in a professionally responsible manner in accordance with the relevant Rules of Professional Conduct governing the jurisdiction where the externship will take place

  • Meet with Field Supervisor weekly to review and evaluate work performance

  • Perform at least 30 hours of approved legal work for each credit student seeks to earn

Academic Requirements:

  • Perform all work assigned by the Faculty Supervisor, including submission of written work, if assigned

  • Attend the approved seminar and satisfy the requirements to receive credit for it

  • Arrange a site visit

Final Requirements:

  • Submit a Student Final Report and Time Log by the posted deadline

  • Ask Field Supervisor to submit Evaluation to Externship Program

The Student’s Final Report and Time Log and Field Supervisor Evaluation will be given to the Faculty Supervisor for evaluation of the student’s performance.

Credit Limits

A student may earn a maximum of 18 externship credits total. However, this maximum may be further limited by the student’s other coursework choices. Please consult the Graduation Requirements for details.

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