Our Mission

DLA has a two-pronged mission: advocacy and education.  We advocate for students by providing the resources and support necessary for the best educational experience possible, one free of physical, psychological, and informational barriers.  We promote the education of disability law within the law school and disability law issues in the greater Seattle community.  We also aim to educate law students and beginning lawyers about the various opportunities for advocacy in areas such as the disability law field, including access to mainstream education; accommodations in facilities, education, and employment; reproductive rights; employment discrimination; estate planning; guardianship; Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security claims; and intentional torts for abuse of individuals with disabilities.

Our Past

The Disability Law Alliance was founded in 2007. That year we developed publications to assist students with accommodation requests, held a practitioner dinner, formed a panel discussion on assisted suicide, and hosted a speaker on invisible disabilities. We also collaborated with the SBA in creating an accessibility policy for all student organizations. It is our hope that we can raise awareness of the need for accessible events amongst our own student body.

Paul Steven MillerRead about the late Paul Steven Miller, Disability Law Alliance Faculty Advisor 2008-2010