Mary Whisner

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Reference Librarian

Phone: (206) 543-7672

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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

Steven M. Barkan, Barbara A. Bintliff & Mary Whisner, Fundamentals of Legal Research (10th ed. Foundation Press, 2015). 774 pages (University Treatise Series)

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Mary Whisner, Not What I Planned (A Writing Detour), 107 Law Libr. J. 319-23 (2015).

Mary Whisner, Race and the Reference Librarian, 106 Law Lib. J. 625-32 (2015).

Mary Whisner, Getting to Know Fastcase, 106 Law Libr. J. 473-81 (2014).

Mary Whisner, The 4-1-1 on Legal Directories, 106 Law Libr. J. 257-66 (2014).

Mary Whisner, There Oughta Be a Law--A Model Law, 106 Law Libr. J. 125-34 (2014).

Mary Whisner, Thanking and Being Thanked, 105 Law Libr. J. 561-66 (2013).

Mary Whisner, Some Guidance about Federal Agencies and Guidance, 105 Law Libr. J. 385-94 (2013).

Book Reviews

Mary Whisner, Louis Brandeis--Lawyer, Reformer, Justice, 13 J. Gilded Age & Progressive Era 128-31 (2014) (reviewing Melvin I. Urofsky, Louis D. Brandeis: A Life (2012)).

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