Scott Schumacher

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Associate Dean for Academic Administration
Director, Graduate Program in Taxation
Faculty Director, Federal Tax Clinic
Professor of Law

Phone: (206) 543-5351

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Representative Publications

Books or Treatises

John A. Townsend, Larry A. Campagna, Steve Johnson & Scott Schumacher, Tax Crimes (2d ed. LexisNexis 2015). 678 pages & apps.

Ethical Duties to the Tax System: A Handbook (Scott A. Schumacher & Michael Hatfield eds., University of Washington Gallagher Law Library, 2015). 556 pages.

John A. Townsend, Larry A. Campagna, Steve Johnson & Scott Schumacher, Tax Crimes (LexisNexis 2008). 1 vol.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Scott A. Schumacher, Sentencing in Tax Cases after Booker: Striking the Right Balance Between Uniformity and Discretion, 59 Vill. L. Rev. 563-98 (2014).

Scott A. Schumacher, Magnifying Deterrence by Prosecuting Professionals, 89 Ind. L.J. 511-58 (2014).

Scott Schumacher, Stevens: Is Zealous Advocacy Obstruction of Justice?, 132 Tax Notes 1169-76 (2011).

Scott Schumacher, Innocent Spouse, Administrative Process: Time for Reform, 130 Tax Notes 113-17 (2011).

Scott A. Schumacher, Criminal Tax and Immigration: A Search for Clarity, 129 Tax Notes 235-39 (2010).

Scott A. Schumacher, Tomko and Sentencing Guidelines in Tax Cases after Booker, 125 Tax Notes 149-53 (2009).

Scott A. Schumacher, The Ninth Circuit Says Aloha to Boulware -- Again, 122 Tax Notes 1631-34 (2009).

Scott A. Schumacher, Section 6694 Preparer Penalties and Tax Advice: The Latest on the Constantly Moving Target, Prac. Tax Law., Winter 2009, at 19-32.

Scott A. Schumacher, MacNiven v. Westmoreland and Tax Advice: Using "Purposive Textualism" to Deal with Tax Shelters and Promote Legitimate Tax Advice, 92 Marq. L. Rev. 33-102 (2008).

Scott A. Schumacher, Learning to Write in Code: The Value of Using Legal Writing Exercises to Teach Tax Law, 4 Pitt. Tax Rev. 103-35 (2007).

Scott A. Schumacher, Unnecessary Harm: IRS Levies on Social Security Benefits, 113 Tax Notes 265-67 (2006).

Book Chapters

Scott A. Schumacher, Handling a Case with Potential Criminal Problems, in 2 Effectively Representing Your Client Before the IRS 13-1 to -82 (Keith Fogg ed., 5th ed. American Bar Association 2011).

Scott A. Schumacher, Ethical Issues in Advising Closely Held Businesses, in Dwight Drake, Business Planning: Closely Held Enterprises 656-77 (West 2006).

Professional Publications

Scott Schumacher, Analysis of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Section of the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, Washington State Bar Association Tax Section Newsletter.

Scott Schumacher & Darrell D. Hallett, Before the Special Agents Arrive: Handling the "Eggshell Audit," American Bar Association, Criminal Tax Fraud 1998.

Scott Schumacher & Darrell D. Hallett, Sentencing Guidelines in Tax Cases, American Bar Association, Criminal Tax Fraud in the 90's.

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