Scott L. David

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Executive Director, Law, Technology & Arts Group

Phone: (206) 221-5841

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Introduction of the Open Identity Exchange’s Attribute Exchange Working Group and Pilots, Open Attribute Exchange Working Group Workshop, Dec. 2011 (Mountain View, CA)

Moderator, Doing Well By Doing Good - The Value Proposition of Online Privacy and Identity Assurance, Attribute Exchange Network Workshop, Nov. 2011 (Washington, DC)

Mapping Current Hyperconnectivity Challenges to Future Solutions, World Economic Forum Risk and Responsibility in a Hyperconected World Workshop, Nov. 2011 (London, England)

Data Rights Stakeholder Self-Governance: Consensus-Based Trust Frameworks and Self-Funded Market Growth with Data Leverage, World Economic Forum, Information and Communications Technology Industry - Global Agenda Counsel, Oct. 2011 (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

Data Leverage, Trust Frameworks and Social Vouching, with Drummond Reed and Scott David, Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, Annual SIBOS Conference, Sep. 2011 (Toronto, Canada)

Legal Architecture Solutions to Online Identity Challenges, Gartner/Catalyst Conference, Jul. 26, 2011 (San Diego, CA)

Unpacking "Privacy" in Identity Settings, Joint ABA/Trans-global Secure Collaboration Program, Jun. 22, 2011 (Chicago, IL)

Co-moderator, How Trust Frameworks Support Legal Standards to Benefit All Users of Data and Identity Systems, with John Clippinger and Tom Smedinghoff, Identity and Trust Framework Workshop, Jan. 18, 2011 (Washington, DC)

What Is Identity?”, Internet Identity Workshop, Nov. 3, 2010 (Mountain View, CA)

Facilitating Personal Data Transactions in a Secured Manner on a Global Scale, World Economic Forum, Rethinking Personal Data Workshop, Sep. 30, 2010 (New York, NY)

The Transition from Physical to Digital Identity – A Guide for Policy Makers, Internet Identity Workshop, May 17, 2010 (Mountain View, CA)

Co-Chair, Mapping the Gap between Technology and Law Online, Mar. 2010 (Washington, DC)

A Sampling of Emerging Online and Information System Risks (and How to Deal with Them), Washington Transit Authorities, Annual Meeting, Mar. 1, 2010 (Vancouver, WA)

Identity Data Monetization in an Open "Identity Management Services" Market, with Don Thibeau, Consumer Data & Privacy 2.0 International Summit (A Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm), Feb. 3, 2010 (Boston, MA)

Cloud Computing – Legal Issue Spotter’s Guide, LSI Technology Law Conference, Dec. 10, 2009 (Seattle, WA)

From Paramecium to People: Bioinformatics, Identity and Law, Internet Identity Workshop, Nov. 2009 (Mountain View, CA)

Virtual Reality – Where Are We Going, and How Will We Ge There, University of Washington, Virtual Worlds Course, Oct. 2009 (Seattle, WA)

Is Data Like Toxic Waste? – Understanding the Data Risks, System Design Requirements, and Policy Implications of the Current "Reactive" Approach, with Holly Towle, University of Washington, Information Security Compliance and Risk Management Institute, Sep. 16, 2009 (Seattle, WA)

Data Collection and Aggregation - New Business Models and Practical Strategies for Monetization and Risk Mitigation, LSI, Jul. 24, 2009

Lifting the Fog on Cloud Computing and Privacy – Structuring the Legal Analysis, with Steve Young, LSI, Advanced IP Licensing Seminar, May 2009 (Seattle, WA)

Intellectual Property and Virtual Reality Interfaces – Is It Really “Virtual”. . . or Virtually “Real?”, University of Washington, Virtual Worlds Course, Mar. 2009 (Seattle, WA)

Digital Identity: Managing Your Digital Brand in 2028, World Future Society, 2008 Annual Meeting, Jul. 2008 (Washington, DC)

Legal Considerations for Participation in Technology Standard Setting Organizations, University of Washington School of Law, Anti-Trust Seminar, Feb. 2008 (Seattle, WA)

Trends and Tools in the Law and Technology of Data and Online Security - Where IT Security and Legal Compliance Intersect, Virginia Alliance for Secure Computing and Networking, Oct. 2007 (Richmond, VA)

Virtual Property: Is it Really Virtual or Virtually Real, LSI, Current Issues in Complex IP Licensing, Aug. 2007 (Seattle, WA)

The Legal and Cultural Implications of Unlimited (Yottabyte) Data Storage by the Year 2040, World Future Society, Annual Meeting, Jul. 2007 (Minneapolis, MN)

Overview of Standard Setting, University of Washington School of Law, Anti-Trust Seminar, Apr. 2007 (Seattle, WA)

Grappling with Quirky State Issues, Retail Counsel’s Summit on E-Sales & Marketing Law, Oct. 2006 (New York, NY)

Telecom Tax 101, Microsoft, International Tax Group Retreat, Jun. 1, 2006

Interview, Digital Asset Planning,, (Republished on MSNBC.Com Tech/science section), Feb. 2006

Where Are the Cyber Assets? Challenges for Estate Planners in the Digital Age, 50th Annual Estate Planning Seminar, Dec. 2005 (Seattle, WA)

Legal Considerations for Participation in Technology Standards Setting Organizations, Sharp Laboratories, Sep. 2004 (Vancouver, WA)

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