Courses 2013 - 2014

LAW B 512 Legislation And The Formulation Of Public Policy

Credits: 2-3, Variable

To support today's law practice - which operates more and more in a public law environment (constitutional, statutory, regulatory, etc.) - this seminar takes a rigorous look at the process of law creation, interpretation, and evolution. While we will discuss many traditional areas of a legislation course, such as the craft of statute making and the methodology of statutory construction and interpretation, those topics will be examined from the broader perspectives made possible by learning in such fields as public choice theory, political science and literary theory, law and economics, legal history, and critical legal theory.

Winter 2015: This course will examine immigration laws and policies related to how removal (deportation) laws and policies are established and implemented, and including the emergence and role of social change movements. Topics will include the intersection of immigration and criminal law, border security, state and local enforcement, the root causes of unauthorized migration, and the challenges of immigration law reform. The course will cover both legal doctrine and legislative issues concerning immigration detention and enforcement.

Not offered this academic year.

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