Courses 2012 - 2013

LAW E 512 Law, Globalization, And Multinational Corporations

Credits: 3

An interdisciplinary workshop for law students and upper level Jackson School undergraduates that examines the role of multinational corporations in a global society. The course will explore the following topics: (1) the legal construct of the multinational corporation (what is it, how is it created, what are the different states and legal systems that give a multinational an identity); (2) the multinational and the state (the role of the multinational in home states and host states, the creation of the "joint venture", theories of the status of a multinational as a quasi state actor); (3) the multinational and human rights (including international humanitarian rights, labor rights, environmental issues); and (4) the multinational in the international arena (the role of the multinational on the global stage and its role in international trade and standard setting.)

Not offered this academic year.

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