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Global Mondays Weekly Lecture Series - Global Finance Regulation

William H. Gates Hall

12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

“Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and Proposal for a Framework of Hedge Fund Regulatory Reform in the Post-GFC World”

Cecilia Lee, Visiting Scholar, UW School of Law

Hosted by the Law, Business & Entrepreneurship Program and the Visiting Scholars Program

In the five years since the GFC of 2008, numerous reforms have been introduced that altered the financial regulatory landscape. For hedge funds, this includes new registration requirements mandated in the U.S. and the E.U. However, much work remains to address potential systemic risks from financial innovations in our interwoven global capital markets. The GFC revealed such dangers as manifested in the shadow banking system, in respect of which the G20 has charged the Financial Stability Board with the task of assessing and developing policy recommendations for this nebulous sector. Given the heterogeneity and complexities involved in shadow banking activities, including hedge funds’ participation in such transactions, a framework for analysis and design of regulatory reforms in this area is critical to ensure adaptability to current conditions and future developments. This lecture offers an overview of the lessons learned from the GFC, as well as the role of soft law in the global financial system, and proposes a framework for targeted and balanced hedge fund regulatory reform.

Cecilia Lee is a Canadian-qualified lawyer who has handled numerous international securities transactions, acquisitions, and lending and financing transactions during her career at McCarthy Tetrault, LLP, and Nortel Networks. Ms. Lee holds a BA of Commerce from the University of Toronto, a BLAW from the University of Western Ontario, and an LL.M. from York University. As a Visiting Scholar, Ms. Lee researches financial regulatory reforms in the light of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, particularly in the area of hedge fund regulation.

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