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David Singleton-Ohio Justice and Policy Center-“Humanizing the Other: The Tyra Patterson Story”

William H. Gates Hall
12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

“Humanizing the Other: The Tyra Patterson Story”
Speaker: David Singleton, Executive Director
Ohio Justice and Policy Center, Executive Director
5432 Any Street West, Townsville, State 54321 Tel 555.543.5432 Fax 555.543.5433 WWW.ADATUM.COM
For the past 19 years, Tyra Patterson has been incarcerated in the Ohio prison for
aggravated murder and robbery, crimes Ohio’s former Attorney General Jim Petro says she
likely did not commit.
At trial, Tyra’s defense was ineffectual. Her lawyers refused to introduce the 911 call she
had made, and discouraged her from testifying because she, in their words, “talked like she
was from the ghetto” and would not be understood by the jury. Not surprisingly the jury
convicted her.
The Ohio Justice & Policy Center has been handling Tyra’s case for over a year in an effort
to get her clemency. After hearing the 911 call, six of the trial jurors submitted affidavits saying
that they would likely not have convicted Tyra had that evidence come out at the trial..
Please join us for lunch to learn more about this case and David Singleton’s work on obtaining
clemency for Tyra Patterson.
Please RSVP to Symplicity by Tuesday, March 3. If you would like lunch