Global Mondays

In the spring of 2011, several student groups and Law School programs came together with the common goal of increasing awareness and exchange of information related to global issues. The “Global Mondays” initiative and speaker series is dedicated to this cause and designed to further the Law School’s mission to act as a Leader for the Global Common Good.

This weekly forum examines the intersection of law, policy and the role of legal professionals in our increasingly complex and interconnected world. Programming includes a variety of interdisciplinary events ranging from presentations by internationally recognized speakers, to student presentations on cross-border scholarship and research, to the exploration of international professional experiences.

All are welcome. No RSVP needed.

Winter 2012 Schedule

Winter 2012 Brochure (print on legal size 8x14 paper)

All events take place from 12:30-1:20pm in William H. Gates Hall Room 117 unless otherwise noted; Lunch served

January 9 – Law Through Global Eyes Lecture: Law, Development, and Microtrade

Hosted by the Asian Law Center

“Microtrade as a Way for Developing Countries to Escape Poverty”
Professor Yong-Shik Lee, Director, Law and Development Institute, Visiting Professor, Seattle University Law School

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January 23 – Global Spotlight: Rule of Law Projects in Liberia and in Afghanistan

Hosted by the International Law Society

“U.S. Attorneys Serving as International Legal Advisors for Rule of Law Projects -- Working to Support the Justice Sector in Liberia and in Afghanistan”
Sheila Weirth, LL.M. Candidate in Sustainable International Development, UW Law

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January 30 – Global Spotlight: Transitional Property Rights in China

Hosted by the Chinese American Law Students Association and the Asian Law Center

“Evolving Property Rights in China, and their Relation to the Politics of Urban Planning and Development”
Professor Daniel Abramson, Department of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington

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February 3 (Fri.) – Global Spotlight: U.S., China and the Global Crisis

Hosted by the Chinese American Law Students Association and the Asian Law Center

“A Tale of Two Countries: How China and the US are Weathering the Financial Crisis”
Dr. Li Guo, Law School Professor and Assistant Dean, Peking University

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February 6 – Law Through Global Eyes Lecture: Copyright Infringement in China

Hosted by the Visiting Scholars Program, the Law, Technology & Arts Group, and the Asian Law Center

“The Copyright Infringement Liability of Video Sharing Websites in China”
Dr. Qian Wang, Professor, School of Intellectual Property, East China University of Political Science and Law; Visiting Scholar, UW School of Law

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February 13 – From Labor Rights in Colombia to Land Tenure Reform in Tonga: Upcoming WInLJ Journal Student Notes

Hosted by the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal

“Enforcing Core Labor Rights in Through Free Trade Agreements - Colombia as a Case Study”
Sarah Sprinkle, J.D. Candidate 2012

“Why Land Tenure Reform Is The Key To Political Stability in Tonga”
Kersti H. Kennedy, J.D. Candidate 2012

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February 27 – Law Through Global Eyes Lecture: Criminal Justice and Democracy in Japan

Hosted by the Asian Law Center

“The Ozawa Prosecution and Japanese Democracy: The 2009 Amendments to the Prosecution Review Commission Law and Turmoil in the Democratic Party of Japan”
Carl Goodman, Visiting Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law

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March 5 – Global Spotlight: Propoerty, Poverty and Difference

Hosted by the International Law Society

“Poverty, Property and Difference”
Professor Sylvia Kang'ara, University of Washington School of Law

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Global Friendship Program

Every year, UW Law brings together students, scholars, and legal professionals from around the world. The Global Friendship Program aims to connect these foreign students, scholars, and professionals with American law students who seek to explore another legal system, share in cultural learning, and help newcomers to Seattle and the UW feel welcome. All individuals at the School of Law are invited to participate.

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