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Asian Law Center Lecture:
Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Japan's Peace Constitution — Lessons to be Learned

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
4–6 p.m. (Reception to follow)
William H. Gates Hall Room 115

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Japan's 1947 Constitution marked a radical shift in sovereignty — from a divine emperor to the people, his former subjects. Drafted and promulgated while Japan was under occupation by Allied military forces, it has earned the enduring resentment of Japan's nationalistic political leaders. In this lecture, Professor Repeta will describe current proposals for change, popular support for Article 9 (the peace provision), and possible scenarios as Japanese leaders contend with the Trump Administration, nationalistic pressure groups, an assertive China, and other disruptive forces.

About Professor Lawrence Repeta

Lawrence (Larry) Repeta is a Professor of Law at Meiji University, Tokyo. He studied Japanese law at the UW with Professors Dan Henderson and John Haley before beginning a career based in Tokyo and Seattle. He is best known in Japan as the plaintiff in litigation that led to a Supreme Court decision that eliminated a ban on note-taking by courtroom spectators (レペタ訴訟). Larry is a director of the Japan Civil Liberties Union and works with other civil society organizations in Japan. He has written extensively on Japanese constitutional issues.

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