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At the UW School of Law we believe the best way to educate future lawyers and leaders is to provide them with a strong foundation in legal theory, and the opportunity to experience the law first-hand. We also believe that the law is a calling in the spirit of public service, and that professional responsibility is a quality that can be learned best through experience and dialogue. For these reasons, the School of Law provides a variety of opportunities for students to serve the broader community. In fact, we require every student to perform a minimum of 60 hours of public service to graduate.

Students have a myriad of opportunities to apply what they have learned through our externships and in our clinical program. The public service requirement is fulfilled by completing an externship of 2 or more credits, or by participating in the clinical program.

Student-Edited Journals

Student scholarship through participation on law journal editorial boards at the University of Washington School of Law is an important academic opportunity for law students. All journals are student-run, and each publishes distinct, innovative articles by law professors and legal practitioners from across the country and around the world. Exceptional law student articles are also published in each journal.

Being part of a law journal staff is an excellent way for law students to critically engage in current legal issues and to collaborate closely with other students to study the nuances of contemporary legal scholarship. The experience enhances writing, editing and citation-checking skills.

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