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The upper floors of William H. Gates Hall offer incredible views of our surrounding community. They serve as reminder that the ultimate success of the School of Law's programs is reflected not only in the achievements of our alumni, but in the strength of the greater community as a whole. Set in an amazing urban center—the city of Seattle—the law school is located in one of the most innovative, dynamic and livable regions of the country. Thanks to the intimate nature of business in Seattle, our students have the opportunity to network with, and learn from, top practitioners in their fields. From start-up companies to mature businesses, the vibrancy of the Seattle community provides opportunities for cutting-edge legal research and scholarship and for students and faculty to establish connections with the business community. The view from Gates Hall also serves as a reminder of what we give to, not just what we receive, from the Seattle area. We serve the public by providing legal services to the indigent, enhancing public understanding of the law, and strengthening the profession through continuing legal education and law reform activities.

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