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At the UW School of Law, we provide more than an exemplary education and valuable field experience. We also provide the job preparation tools and post-graduate network and services to ensure success beyond your academic experience. To see our latest employment rankings, click here.

Judicial Clerkships

A post-graduate clerkship is an excellent way to start a law career. Law clerks sharpen their research and writing skills, are exposed to both sides of legal issues, and gain insight into the entire litigation process. Former law clerks are often able to obtain positions with high-profile legal employers, both public and private.

The Center has a specialized career coach available to advise students about various courts and clerkship opportunities, as well as judicial externship opportunities. The Center has instituted a centralized federal application process that takes place during the summer between a student’s second- and third-year of law school. This process informs students of important deadlines, advises students about the contents of a clerkship application, helps them research judges and courts, and provides students with mail merge files containing the names and addresses of all federal judges in the country and regional state court judges.

Recent judicial clerkships:

  • U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • U.S. District Courts for Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Eastern and Western Districts of Washington State
  • United States Court of International Trade
  • Washington State Supreme Court
  • Other state supreme courts in Nevada, Montana, Illinois, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Tennessee, Wisconsin
  • Washington Court of Appeals, Divisions I and II
  • King County Superior Court
  • Snohomish County Superior Court
  • Other state trial and intermediate appellate courts in Connecticut, Nevada, Alaska, Idaho, Washington D.C.

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