Transfer Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to participate in the write-on competition for the academic journals?

Students admitted as transfers are encouraged to participate in the Transfer and 2L Write-on Competition during Winter Quarter of their 2L year. Write-on applicants submit anonymous, original papers of publishable quality for evaluation and review by a committee of third-year board members. The number of invitations extended each year varies based on the quality of the papers submitted. Detailed information about each competition will be updated and posted on the individual journal's web sites.

I applied to UW Law as first-year applicant to the J.D. program. Is there anything from my previous application that I can still use?

Our office retains application materials for one year and, as a result, some of those materials may be used in your transfer application. However, it is the responsibility of the transfer applicant to instruct the Admissions Committee as to which components of their previously submitted application they would like them to consider.

When can I utilize the Center for Professional Leadership & Development?

Once you accept an offer of admission from UW Law, and CPLD is notified that your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit has been received, a welcome message will be sent to you from CPLD. It will include general information about office resources and details about participating in the Fall Recruiting Program. You will also be given access to Symplicity, so that you may see OCI and Resume Collection employer information, and view upcoming events. So that the process runs smoothly for all parties, we ask that transfer students not contact CPLD before receiving this message from the Office of Admissions.

Can transfer students participate in On-Campus Interviews (OCI)?

Yes. Transfer students may participate in OCI, which begins in mid-August each year. These interviews are coordinated by the Center for Professional and Leadership Development (CPLD) and are held on campus. The OCI dates for 2014 are as follows:

Week of June 1: Employer information published in Simplicity, and on the About the Employers tab on the Fall Recruiting Program webpage.

June 19-July 21: Students bid for on-campus interviews in Symplicity, beginning June 18 at 8:00 a.m.

July 21: Bidding for interviews in Symplicity ends at noon.

August 7: Target date for interview schedules to be published in Symplicity. An email message will be sent to students when schedules are available on-line.

August 18, 19, 20, 21, & 22: Interviews held on campus.

October 2 & 3: Interviews held on campus.

December 30: Employers should leave offers open for 28 days or until December 30, whichever comes first. See NALP Timing Guidelines for details and exceptions.

Callback Dates: The UW School of Law does not set formal “callback” or “flyback” weeks. However, employers who conduct interviews in September are encouraged to schedule callback interviews prior to September 22, the first day of fall quarter at the law school.

Can transfer students participate in Moot Court Honor Board (MCHB)?

Yes, students admitted as transfers do have a chance to participate in the MCHB. However, their opportunities are somewhat limited based on the fact that the 1L selections have already been made. Transfer students may get on MCHB in a number of other ways: 1) Transfers could be invited based on their performance in any of the 2L competitions (by winning or being finalists), or, in the alternative, based on their aggregate scores/participation in in-house and national teams. Specifics on this process can be found in the MCHB bylaws (found here. 2) Transfers may volunteer to help at any of the competitions, and they can also apply for a number of the national or traveling mock trial, and moot court teams. Once a transfer student is admitted, it’s recommended to talk to the MCHB president about the state of the teams since each team has somewhat different requirements

How will I be ranked my 2L year?

For job searching purposes, you will go by your rank from your first-year institution. At the end of your 2L year, you will be ranked with the 2L UW Law class based on the grades from UW Law courses only.

How many credits are required to apply as a transfer student?

You are eligible to apply for transfer once you have accrued a minimum of 27, and a maximum of 33 credits from a law school which is a member of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS).

What is the transfer of credits policy?

For transfer students, UW Law will accept all of the credits earned during the student’s first-year program. Additional credits earned after the first-year are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Transfer students are expected to be in residence for a minimum of five quarters and 85 quarter-hour credits. These students are also eligible for graduation with honors based upon academic performance in the second and third years of law school at UW Law.
Please note that after you have been admitted, the Associate Dean for Students will determine how many of the credits you earned at your prior school will transfer and whether you have completed UW Law’s core first-year curriculum.

How will my application be reviewed?

The Admissions Committee will not review any transfer application until it is complete, i.e., we have received all requisite materials. For many applicants, this process is often delayed by the receipt of their complete first-year transcript, official letter of good standing from their current law school, or release of their 1L ranking. Interested transfer students are encouraged to begin this process as soon as possible as the assembling of these materials can often take longer than anticipated.
We take a holistic approach to reviewing all transfer applicants. We do not assign specific weights to individual aspects of a candidate's file. Consistent with this approach, we consider a number of factors when reviewing transfer applications, and no single factor is determinative. Such factors include, but are in no way limited to: undergraduate GPA, first-year law school performance, current institution, letters of recommendation, LSAT score, and the letter of good standing from your current law school. There is no cut-off for class rank, class percentile, or GPA.

When can I expect a decision?

We begin review of transfer applications as files are completed. Applicants are notified on a rolling basis as soon as decisions are made.

Does my LSAT score matter when applying for transfer?

Yes, however, it matters less than it did when you initially applied to law school. With a year of actual classroom experience behind you and the grades that accompany it, there’s less need for a prediction from a test score.

How many transfer application do you receive? How many applicants do you accept?

The number of transfer applications varies greatly from year to year. More importantly, the number of admission offers also varies and frequently depends on both the size of the second-year class and the total law school population. Like our regular admissions process, our transfer admissions process is competitive.

Does UW Law accept transfer students that were enrolled as part-time students at their previous schools?

Yes, transfer students previously enrolled as part-time students may apply to UW Law’s full time program provided they have completed the equivalent of the first-year curriculum.

Do I need to include my class rank?

To be considered for transfer admission, you must also submit a letter of Good Academic Standing. This letter should be prepared from your law school Registrar or Academic Dean and must provide (a) your class rank at the end of your first year of law school (if it’s not on your law school transcript) and (b) state that you are in good academic standing and eligible to continue.
If your school does not rank its class, then a letter from the Registrar or Academic Dean’s office must be included stating such.

If admitted, how long will I have to decide if I will attend? Is there a seat deposit?

Generally, August 1. If offered admission, you will be required to make a seat deposit of $500. You will not have access to the Center for Professional & Leadership Development, or be able to register for classes until your seat deposit is received.

Are scholarships available?

Typically, transfer students are ineligible for scholarship. If, however, scholarship funds become available, transfer students will be considered.

Does UW Law offer transfer application fee waivers?

Unfortunately transfer applicants are not eligible for application fee waivers.

What if my law school is unable to submit my materials by the June 15 deadline?

We understand that each law school may not have all of the information by June 15. Students should still submit their transfer application by June 15 and should contact us if the information will not be available.

Is there anything I can do during my first year to enhance my transfer application?

Though strong academic performance is an important factor to the admissions process, the admissions committee is also looking for other indicators of academic success, e.g., leadership and volunteerism.

Does involvement in extracurricular activities as a 1L enhance my transfer chances?

Outside activities will enhance your chances if your first year grades are also strong. Extracurricular activities do not substitute for strong academic performance.

Last updated 10/6/2014