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J.D. Admissions

Early Decision Program

For those students who have carefully researched their law school opportunities, the Early Decision Program option provides an expeditious evaluation and decision by the Admissions Committee. This early notification enables successful early decision candidates to pursue their educational, professional and familial engagements, and responsibilities free of the time, expense and anxiety associated with the typical law school application process.

The Early Decision Program is designed for those applicants who have considered their law school options carefully and are confident that the University of Washington School of Law is their clear first choice. Admission through the Early Decision Program is competitive, as applicants are evaluated under the same criteria as those who apply during the regular admissions cycle.

In choosing the Early Decision Program option, applicants are expected to commit to the University of Washington School of Law, if admitted, and may not apply Early Decision to any other law school in the same admissions cycle.

Once notified of their admittance to UW Law, applicants must:

  • Withdraw applications from other law schools
  • Refrain from initiating applications to other law schools
  • Submit their seat deposit by the deadline stated in their admission letter

The University of Washington School of Law reserves the right to rescind an admission offer in the event that an admitted applicant fails to comply with the policies of this binding Early Decision Program, and the right to provide other law schools with the names of applicants accepted under our Early Decision Program.

The Early Decision Program is not for everyone. While awaiting the outcome of their Early Decision application at UW Law, applicants are permitted to apply to other law schools, with the understanding that they must withdraw these other applications upon being notified of their admittance to UW Law. Admitted students forego the opportunity to entertain admission, financial aid or scholarship offers from other law schools. Students who have not had an opportunity to research law schools thoroughly prior to applying may end up being dissatisfied at having restricted their choices.

How to Apply to the Early Decision Program

All application components must be submitted by November 15. An Early Decision Program applicant must take the LSAT no later than the October administration. Applications that are incomplete by the deadline will be considered under the regular admissions process, and applicants will be so informed.


Successful Early Decision Program applicants will have advanced consideration of merit scholarship awards. This award may or may not be your final award, but it is the minimum amount of merit aid you will receive. Thus, the applicant should be in a position to commit to attending UW Law even though they will not have a complete financial aid package at the time of their admission decision.

Once admitted, applicants are required to submit a scholarship application through the Admitted Student's Portal by March 15.

J.D. Admissions

Admissions FAQ

J.D. Application Timeline

  • October 1: UW Law begins accepting and reviewing completed J.D. applications on a rolling admissions basis
  • November 15: Application deadline for those applying under the Early Decision Program.  All application materials must be submitted for the application to be complete.
  • January 15: Gates PSL Scholarship application deadline.

    NOTE: If you intend to apply for the Gates Public Service Law Scholarship, you must submit both your J.D. application AND your Gates Public Service Law Scholarship application by JANUARY 15. There are no exceptions.

  • February: Last LSAT administration eligible for current the J.D. application cycle.
  • March 15: Regular J.D. application deadline.
  • April 1: All admissions decisions made and applicants notified.

Last updated 11/24/2014