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Disclosure of Interests

To ensure the integrity of the Washington Law Review’s scholarly mission, to better inform our readers about the relevant backgrounds of our authors, to help promote transparency, and to conform its ethical practices to those of professional journals in other fields, the Review herein adopts the following disclosure policy.

Disclosure of Interests Policy

For any work accepted for publication, all authors, co-authors, contributors, and student authors must disclose all interests material to the main topic(s) of the contribution, and which could be reasonably seen to significantly influence the author’s views as set out in the work. An interest’s materiality and significance should be assessed from the perspective of a reasonable reader. Covered interests may include professional, business, and institutional affiliations; funding sources; and personal financial holdings. Only interests occurring within the last five years need be disclosed.

Such disclosure must occur in the author’s biographical statement. A large number of similar activities may be disclosed using a group description that describes the class and nature of the interest, in lieu of specific disclosures for each matter.

In cases of doubt, the author must consult with the Editor-in-Chief within thirty days after the work is accepted for publication. All submissions must disclose any interest that the Editor-in-Chief, in his or her discretion and in consultation with the author, reasonably deems covered by this Disclosure Policy. Failure to comply meaningfully with this Disclosure Policy may result in revocation of the publication offer.

To the extent necessary, the Washington Law Review will review this Disclosure Policy from time to time. Concerned readers or contributors of the Review are invited to send comments or suggestions to the Editor-in-Chief.


Press release announcing disclosure policy

Last updated 3/28/2013