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Benefits of Membership

Students benefit in many ways by serving as members of the Washington Law Review. Students improve their legal-writing skills by fulfilling the Law Review’s membership requirement of producing a publishable-quality student comment. The Law Review helps them meet that high standard. Students attend the WLR Seminar, a small writing workshop led by 3L student editors and facilitated by instructors from the University of Washington's writing program. There they benefit from individualized feedback from 3L editors and faculty, and from the insightful comments and criticisms of their fellow 2L Law Review members.

Second-year students also hone their research, cite-checking and legal-editing skills by

  1. finding a copy of each work an author cites,
  2. checking each citation for substantive accuracy, and
  3. editing citations to conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.

Every third-year student fills an important leadership role. Articles editors largely determine which pieces the Law Review will publish from the more than 1000 submissions it receives each year. They also get to work closely with legal scholars as they substantively edit pieces. Comments editors work closely with second-year student writers. Because the Law Review has high standards for student pieces, Comments editors work with a student author for at least six months, helping the author state his or her argument as clearly and persuasively as possible. Managing editors lead a team of second-year students as they check each of the thousands of citations that appear in each issue. They also edit the Law Review for style, communicating with each scholar to make sure style changes do not interfere with the author's voice. Associate editors-in-chief and the Editor-in-Chief oversee the entire publication process, interacting with fellow students and professional authors during all the many stages necessary to publish a scholarly journal.

Third-year students also have the opportunity to apply for the Executive Board. This group shapes the Washington Law Review's contribution to the legal discourse by deciding which professional articles and which student comments the Law Review will publish. Board members also supervise the various departments, learning management skills and leadership as they keep a group of highly motivated peers working as a team.

Last updated 12/21/2012