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Benefits of Membership

Students benefit in many ways by serving as members of the Washington Law Review. Second-year students improve their legal writing by writing a publishable-quality student comment. Third-year students develop stronger critical-reading skills as they help professional and student authors make their arguments as clearly and persuasively as possible. Third-year students who serve on the Law Review’s Executive Board also grow into stronger leaders, capable of keeping their highly motivated peers working as a team.

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Become a Member

The Law Review sponsors an annual writing competition for students ending their first of law school. Twenty-four students receive invitations to become members. Students may also become members by writing a Comment during their second year of law school. (See Rules)

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2013-2014 Editorial Board
Lauren Watts
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Matt Souza
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Michael Edwards
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Stephanie Liu
Chief Articles Editor
Brooke Howlett
Chief Managing Editor
Laura Powell
Chief Comments Editor
Caitlin Park
Executive Articles Editor
Adam Murray
Executive Managing Editor
Brooke Sargeant
Executive Comments Editor
Jonathan Collins
Articles Editors
Peter Dolan
David Lai
Kate Seabright
Tony Nguyen
Managing Editors
Andrea Woods
Brian Epley
Scott Forbes
William Goodling
Niki Morrison
Daniel Richards
Samuel Seal
Comments Editors
Glenda Gertz
Jenna Smith
Emily Toler
Brady Douglas
Editorial Staff
Johnathan Chong
Devra Cohen
Andrew Durland
Michael Ellis
Jessica Erickson
Mallory Gitt
Le Hoang
Charles Hausberg
Maureen Johnston
Darin Jones
Jessica Knowles
Kelsey Martin
Bryce Nelson
Kirsten Nelsen
Philip Paine
Cecily Shiel
Walker Stanovsky
Ross Tanaka
Ryan Thomas
Dane Westermeyer
Bradley Westmoreland
Rachel Wilka
Alexander Wisbey
Matthew Wurdeman
Craig Allen
Thomas Andrews
Karen Boxx
Gregory Hicks
Linda Hume
Kathy McGinnis
Faculty Business Manager
Penny Hazelton
Faculty Adviser
Robert Gomulkiewicz
Business Office
Jonathan Franklin
Fran Johnson