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2014–2015 Editorial Board
Talia Butler
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Meghan Gavin
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Michael Caulfield
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Melanie Gillette
Chief Managing Editor
Loren Halstrom
Chief Articles Editor
Aejung Yoon
Chief Notes & Comments Editor
Caitlyn Evans
Executive Managing Editors
Nick Martin
Robert Sykes
Jenna Zwang
Executive Articles Editor
Sandra Richani
Executive Notes & Comments Editors
Mark Giuliano
Carolyn Krol
Editorial Staff
Katherine Brennan
Zyanya Breuer
Bridgette Cooper
Chrissy Elles
Andrew Fuller
Kendall Hamilton
Dennis Kasimov
Christie Lundquist
Melissa Malstrom
Frederic Sawyer
Taylor Sproed
Honorary Member
Rachel Kallander

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