Tax Law LL.M. Curriculum and Requirements

Graduate Program in Taxation Curriculum

Required Courses

Course descriptions for all tax course offerings can be found in the law school Course Catalog.


Students must complete at least 36 quarter credits within six years.

Admitted students must meet both Graduate School and School of Law requirements for graduation. A detailed statement of graduate degree policies, the grading system, residence requirements, and other information is available from the Graduate Admissions Office.

Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 in order to graduate, as well as receive a minimum grade of 2.7 for each course that is counted toward the LL.M. degree. While a course for which a student receives a grade below 2.7 is not counted toward the LL.M. degree, it is counted in calculating the student’s cumulative GPA.

Students must submit a Master’s degree request during the quarter after which they expect to complete the degree.

Students must be registered for at least two credits during the quarter in which the degree is conferred.

Ronald Hjorth teaching class

Last updated 2/11/2015