Winter 2016

Exam Reschedule Request Deadline

Monday, 3/7/2016
10:30 AM

Exam Schedule

Saturday, 3/12/2016
1:00 PM T511A,B Taxation Of Partners And Partnerships (Behnke, Lance)
Monday, 3/14/2016
8:30 AM A519A,B,C,D Transmission Of Wealth (Hatfield, Michael) Take-home (8 hr)
A563A Local Government Law (Spitzer, Hugh)
B556A,A,B Islamic Law (Lombardi, Clark) Take-home (8 hr)
E502A,B,C,D White Collar Crime (Schumacher, Scott)
E520A,B European Union Constitution (Walsh, Walter) Take-home (8 hr)
H502A,B,C,D Medical Malpractice (Fronapfel, Rhianna; Leedom, William)
P548A,B,C,D Litigation Strategies for Protection of Technology (Meiklejohn, Paul)
T542A,B State And Local Tax II: Advanced State Tax Concepts (Swanson, Gerald) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM A503A Property I (Hicks, Gregory)
A503B Property I (Townsend, Michael)
T516A,B,C International Taxation II (McCormack, Shannon)
Tuesday, 3/15/2016
8:30 AM A501D,E,F,G,H Contracts (Thomson, Aaron)
A562A,B,C Employment Law (Vaughn, Lea)
B515A,B Criminal Procedure: Investigation (Fan, Mary)
E511A Venture Capital Deals (Fan, Jennifer)
1:00 PM A591A Constitutional Law: Freedom Of Expression (Gomulkiewicz, Robert)
B507A,B Federal Courts And The Federal System (Manheim, Lisa)
H530A,B,C Disability Law (Henderson, Chris; Thompson, Christine)
Wednesday, 3/16/2016
8:30 AM A534A,B Mergers And Acquisitions (Krug, Anita)
A581A Washington Constitutional Law (Spitzer, Hugh)
B503A,B Evidence (Howard, Maureen)
B515C,D Criminal Procedure: Investigation (Foote, Daniel)
E510A,B Banking Law (Schoenbaum, Thomas)
1:00 PM A504A Torts (Allen, Craig)
A504B Torts (Calo, Ryan)
A504C Torts (Said, Zahr)
P525A,B Intellectual Property Law Seminar (Cumbow, Robert)
6:00 PM T518A,B Taxation Of S Corporations (Medleau, Keith)
Thursday, 3/17/2016
8:30 AM A548A,B,C,D Civil Rights (Schnapper, Eric)
B500A,B Civil Procedure II (Porter, Elizabeth)
B506A Conflicts Of Laws (Boxx, Karen)
B541A,A,B,C,D,E Chinese Law (Zang, Dongsheng) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM A509A,B,C Administrative Law (Knudsen, Sanne)
A592A,B Constitutional Law II (Nicolas, Peter)
E514A,B,C,D The Law Of Nonprofit Organizations (Lairson, Andrea)
P552A,B,C,D,E Strategic Intellectual Property Commercialization (Bailly, Maggy)
6:00 PM T530A,B,C Tax Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions (Weinstein, Jason; Wiebe, Cameron)
T532A,B Taxation Of Estates, Trusts, And Beneficiaries (Adams, Jared)
Friday, 3/18/2016
8:30 AM A501A Contracts (Calandrillo, Steve)
A501B Contracts (O'Connor, Sean)
A501C Contracts (Townsend, Michael)
A502A,B,C,D,E Civil Procedure I (Kruckeberg, Kurt)
B510A,B,C,D,E Problems In Professional Responsibility (Chazaro, Angelica)
1:00 PM A582A,B Bankruptcy (Ranade, Amit)
E532A,B Neuroscience and Law (Vaughn, Lea)
E578A,B,C,D LLM Early Bar Prep (Shaw, Melissa)
6:00 PM T512A,B,C,D Exempt Organizations (Porter, Drew)
T521A,B,C Compensation And Benefits I (Thorson, Lee)

Exam Reschedule Day(s) (if needed)

Saturday, 3/19/2016
8:30 AM

Paper Classes and Due Dates

A553 Feminist Jurisprudence (Ainsworth, Sara; Novotny, Patricia)  
A597 Intensive Legal Writing Workshop (Halasz, Benjamin)  
B529 Advanced Environmental Law And Practice (Hasselman, Jan; True, Todd)  
B584 Indian Law Seminar (Schlosser, Thomas)  
E508 Persuasive Writing (Anderson, Helen)  
E515 Post-Conviction Review (Anderson, Helen)  
E536 Small or Solo Law Practice (Benjamin, Andrew; Grayson, Carole)  
E551 Law and Entrepreneurship (O'Connor, Sean)  
E583 Globalization and the Law (Raigrodski, Dana; Winn, Jane)  
H509 End Of Life: Rights And Choices (Milam, Steve)  
H520 Genetics And The Law (Mastroianni, Anna)  
H540 Health And Human Rights (Rivin, Beth)  
H580 Competition in Health Care (Ross, Douglas)  
P545 Advanced Patent Law Seminar (Stewart, Douglas; Takenaka, Toshiko)  
T507 Federal Tax Policy Seminar (McCormack, Shannon)  
T540 Federal Tax Research and Writing (Quintal, Amber; Way, M. John)  

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