Spring 2016

Exam Reschedule Request Deadline

Monday, 5/16/2016
10:30 AM

Exam Schedule

Saturday, 5/21/2016
1:00 PM T533A,B Tax Crimes: Investigations, Prosecutions, and Penalties (Colvin, John)
Monday, 5/23/2016
8:30 AM B500E Civil Procedure II (McGinnis, Kathleen)
B510A,B,C,D,E Problems In Professional Responsibility (Hatfield, Michael) Take-home (8 hr)
B513A Advanced Evidence (Nicolas, Peter)
P547A,B,C Legal Protection of Computer Software (Gomulkiewicz, Robert) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM E506A,B Business and Financial Literacy for Law Students (Drake, Dwight)
H582A,B Health Care Fraud & Abuse (Crandell, Robert)
6:00 PM T513A,B Estate Planning (Adams, Jared)
T545A,B International Taxation Of Intellectual Property (Ghassemieh, Mehrdad)
Tuesday, 5/24/2016
8:30 AM B500A,B,C,D,F Civil Procedure II (Myhre, Theodore) Take-home (24 hr)
B503A,B Evidence (Stansell, Jay)
E521A Advanced Trial Advocacy (Chapin, Samuel; Coughenour, John)
E545A,B,C International Trade Law (Zang, Dongsheng) Take-home (8 hr)
P505A,B,C International Intellectual Property Law (Culbert, Thomas; Dieny, Magali) Take-home (24 hr)
1:00 PM A517A,B Securities Regulation (Krug, Anita)
A523A,B Real Estate Transactions (de Sa e Silva, Marco)
A595A,B Jurisprudence (Hart, John)
H526A,B,C Health Care Employment Law (Lehmann, Paula)
6:00 PM T527A,B Taxation Of Financial Instruments (Medleau, Keith)
T549A,B International M&A Transactions (Gartner, Gabriel)
Wednesday, 5/25/2016
8:30 AM A565A American Indian Law (Williams, Brenda)
A578A,B International Business Transactions (Winn, Jane)
P535A,B,C Entertainment Law (McGowan, Donald) Take-home (24 hr)
1:00 PM A504A,B,C,D,E Torts (Covington, William)
A515A,B,C,D,E Business Organizations (Durkee, Melissa)
P567A,B,C,D,E Intellectual Property Survey (Said, Zahr)
6:00 PM T502A,B Federal Tax Controversies and Procedures (Bernard, Michael; Flanders-Palmer, Cori)
Thursday, 5/26/2016
8:30 AM A512A,B,C Secured Transactions (Ranade, Amit)
A521A,B,C Community Property (Boxx, Karen)
A530A Individual Income Tax (McCormack, Shannon)
1:00 PM A589A,B Elder Law (Boxx, Karen)
A590A,B,C,D,E Constitutional Law: Equal Protection, Fundamental Rights, Due Process (Hart, John)
E518A Torts II (Calandrillo, Steve)
H534A,B Mental Health And The Law (Price, Terry)
6:00 PM T524A,B Transfer Pricing Seminar (Guenther, David; Weaver, Brett)
Friday, 5/27/2016
8:30 AM A510A,B,C Sales (Winn, Jane)
A556A,B,C Employment Discrimination (Schnapper, Eric)
A592A Constitutional Law II (Nicolas, Peter)
P539A,B,C,D Law, Technology and Development (Snyder, William) Take-home (8 hr)
T525A,B Advising Privately-Owned Businesses (Drake, Dwight) Take-home (8 hr)
6:00 PM T522A,B,C Compensation And Benefits II (Thorson, Lee)

Exam Reschedule Day(s) (if needed)

Saturday, 5/28/2016
8:30 AM

Paper Classes and Due Dates

B517 Juvenile Justice Seminar (Ambrose, Kimberly)  
B573 Supreme Court Decision Making (Watts, Kathryn)  
B574 Consumer Law ()  
B578 Legal Problems Of Economic Development Seminar (Giovarelli, Renee; Scalise, Elisa)  
B595 International Humanitarian Law (Lorenz, Frederick)  
E533 Rights in America: Equality, Liberty, and Democracy (Walsh, Walter)  
E534 Risk and Reward in Sustainable Development (Denamur, Nicole)  
E555 Legislation (Vaughn, Lea)  
E560 Contemporary Muslim Legal Systems Seminar (Lombardi, Clark)  
E561 Critical Race Theory (Chazaro, Angelica)  
E572 Race And The Law (Ambrose, Kimberly)  
E598 Climate Change Law (Gannett, Craig)  
H510 Topics In Law And Medicine (Mastroianni, Anna)  
H525 Business Transactions In Healthcare (Snyder, Adam)  
P504 Economic Analysis Of Intellectual Property (Dugan, Ben)  
P510 Advanced Research and Writing Seminar (Naeve, Signe)  
P539 Law, Technology and Development (Snyder, William)  
P547 Legal Protection of Computer Software (Gomulkiewicz, Robert)  
T514 Drafting Estate Planning Documents (Alt, Justin)  
T529 International Tax Practice Seminar (Knight, Jason)  
T531 Advanced Transactional Tax Problems (Behnke, Lance)  
T543 Advanced Partnership Tax (Brown, Chris)  

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