Public Service Law Concentration Track

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Program Requirements


Follow all of the steps outlined on the Concentration Tracks page.

The Public Service Law Concentration Track includes one required course, an advanced writing project, an externship or clinic, volunteer hours with a student organization or other public interest legal setting, and fifteen credits chosen from a variety of electives.


Not all courses will be available each year.

  1. E507 Access to Justice Seminar
  2. A significant writing project on a public service law subject. This may include seminar papers, E500 Advanced Writing projects, or papers accepted for publication in an accredited journal.
  3. A clinic offered by the UWLS Clinical Law Program or An eight credit (minimum) externship approved by the Public Service Law Concentration Track advisor.
  4. A minimum of 20 hours of unpaid volunteer service for which they do not receive academic credit. The hours may be earned through public service projects sponsored by one or more law school student organizations or in a legal work setting approved by the Public Service Law Concentration Track advisor.
  5. At least 8 credits from the following foundational doctrinal courses:
    1. A514 Publicly Held Corporations (3-4)
    2. A548 Civil Rights (4)
    3. A565 American Indian Law (4)
    4. A577 Immigration Law (4)
    5. A591 Freedom of Expression (4-5)
    6. A592 Constitutional Law II (4)
    7. B512 Legislation & Public Policy (2-4)
    8. B596 Human Rights (4)
    9. E525 Poverty Law (4)
  6. At least 8 credits from the following foundational procedure courses:
    1. A509 Administrative Law (4)
    2. B500 Civil Procedure II (3)
    3. B503 Evidence
    4. B507 Federal Courts (4)
    5. B512 Legislation & Public Policy (2-4)
    6. B515 Criminal Procedure: Investigation (5)
    7. B520 Trial Advocacy
    8. E516 Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
  7. Complete two additional courses out of one of the following focus areas, including at least one of the asterisked courses:
    1. Civil and Human Rights focus:
    2. Child Advocacy focus:
    3. Disability Rights focus:
    4. Criminal Justice focus:
    5. Poverty law focus:
    6. Government service focus:
    7. Employment equity focus:
    8. International rights focus:

The following skills courses, while not required, are highly recommended. These courses help develop essential lawyering skills for public service:

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