Serve Specific Clients or Causes

Many students come to law school wanting to serve a specific client group, or develop that goal as they move through their education. Different types of clients are associated with specific subject matter specialties and practice settings, and bring distinct rewards and demands for lawyers working with them.

Non-profit organizations

Lawyers focused on serving non-profit organizations:

  • Specialize in a broad range of areas, often dealing with substantive questions that arise representing private sector entities, such as employment and labor law, tax, real estate, and health care
  • Practice primarily in non-profit organizations or firms representing them
  • Demands consist of varying required hours according to practice area and level of the position. Time demands can be as heavy as representing private-sector clients
  • Rewards include serving institutions with community service missions. Working with dedicated professionals with a similar mission-driven approach
  • Credentials required are substantive knowledge, technical and interpersonal skills

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