Serve Specific Clients or Causes

Many students come to law school wanting to serve a specific client group, or develop that goal as they move through their education. Different types of clients are associated with specific subject matter specialties and practice settings, and bring distinct rewards and demands for lawyers working with them.

Causes, Groups & Communities

Lawyers focused on serving specific causes, or geographic or identity based communities, rather than individuals:

  • Specialize in civil rights and constitutional law, community or sustainable economic development, environmental law, immigration law, international human rights
  • Practice primarily in non-profit organizations, also known as non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), but also in government organizations and small private firms
  • Demands consist of extensive travel, community meetings, often in the evenings, collaboration with political movements
  • Rewards include creating change and working with like-minded people, often on cutting edge issues presenting significant intellectual and strategy challenges
  • Credentials required are devotion to the cause or group, substantive knowledge about the cause, familiarity with the community, relevant skills

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