Positions for Law Graduates in Politics

UW law school graduates find a variety of positions in polictics:

  • UW Law alumni/ae have a long, distinguished history of serving in elected political offices at the federal, state, and local level, including executive and legislative positions.

  • A law degree provides helpful familiarity with the legislative and administrative processes, as well as areas of law that politicians will encounter.

  • Involvement in student government is sometimes a path to political office and can provide both experience with building coalitions and addressing issues, as well as helpful contacts.

Pathway for Politics

UW Law course offerings of particular relevance to future politicians:


Knowledge Fundamentals

Pathway Knowledge Foundation

Pathway Specialized Knowledge

Any complex regulatory area that you might wish to focus on in politics, such as tax policy and environmental law

Professional Skills

Skills Fundamentals

Pathway Skills

  • Mediation Training

Real Life Lawyering



Enroll in a public service externship with a pre-approved government placement, such as:

Or develop a new placement with the Externship Director

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