Government or Non-profit Management

Positions for Law Graduates in Government or Non-profit Management

UW law school graduates find a variety of positions in the management of government departments or non-profit organizations, often by:

  • Beginning their careers with government agencies or non-profits
  • Moving quickly into management based on their evident skills and interests.

Pathway for Government or Non-profit Management

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Fundamentals

For this pathway, from the Knowledge Fundamentals List, be sure to take:

Pathway Knowledge Foundation

Pathway Specialized Knowledge

Professional Skills

Skills Fundamentals

Don’t overlook the Skills Fundamentals, recommended for all lawyers:

Pathway Skills

  • Mediation Training

Real Life Lawyering



Enroll in a public service externship with a pre-approved government or non-profit counsel, such as:

For this pathway, consider a joint degree with the Evans School of Public Affairs or a certificate program.

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