Business Executive or Entrepreneur

Law Graduates as Business Executives or Entrepreneurs

Many UW School of Law graduates are executives or successful entrepreneurs, including:

  • Jeff Brotman (Costco)
  • Adam Brotman (Starbucks)
  • Craig Kinzer (Founder and CEO of Kinzer Real Estate Services, Founder Kinzer Capital)
  • Rudy Gadre (Founder’s Co-Op)
  • Joe Brotherton (The Brotherton Companies)

Their backgrounds and paths to success vary, but key experiences were:

  • Working with others who taught them core business concepts, how the business world works, and principles of strong leadership.
  • Pairing a broad knowledge base with legal training to provide a foundation for success as they encountered expanding growth opportunities in business.

Pathway for Business Executive or Entrepreneur

Follow the Business Pathway, focusing on Entrepreneurship. Classes of special interest include:

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Fundamentals

For this pathway from the Fundamentals List, be sure to take:

Pathway Knowledge Foundation

Professional Skills

Skills Fundamentals

Real Life Lawyering

Consider a joint degree with the Foster School of Business

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