Asian Law

Positions for Law Graduates as Asian Law Specialists

UW law school graduates with Asian language and Asian Law substantive expertise find positions:

  • Practicing law in Asia
  • Working for an international corporation or law firm
  • Working in the United States on Asia-related transactions
  • As academics after pursuing a Ph.D. in Asian Law

Pathway for Asian Law Specialists

Related pathways: Academia, Transactions and Business

Knowledge Base

The law school offers an Asian Law Concentration Track.

Consult the Asian Law Concentration Track for Pathway Knowledge Foundations, if you are interested in this area, even if you do not choose to complete the concentration.

Or distinguish yourself with a concurrent LLM in Asian & Comparative Law for just 28 more credits

Spend a portion of your time at a law school in Asia

Professional Skills

  • Cross-register for language courses to learn or improve a foreign language – be a legal professional who is ready for globalized practice

Research & Writing

Work with world-class faculty to publish your research with the Washington International Law Journal and beyond

  • Journal Seminar: WILJ

Real Life Lawyering


Beyond Classrooms and Credits

  • Develop ongoing friendships with lawyers, judges, prosecutors and academics from across Asia and beyond
  • Position for global practice - take the New York Bar Exam
  • Finance your degree with an Asian Law Center Research Assistant position or a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) scholarship to support language or LLM study

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