Asian Law

Positions for Law Graduates as Asian Law Specialists

UW law school graduates with Asian language and Asian Law substantive expertise find positions:

  • Practicing law in Asia
  • Working for an international corporation or law firm
  • Working in the United States on Asia-related transactions
  • As academics after pursuing a Ph.D. in Asian Law

Pathway for Asian Law Specialists

Related pathways: Academia, Transactions and Business

Knowledge Base

The law school offers an Asian Law Concentration Track.

  • Consult the Asian Law Concentration Track for Pathway Knowledge Foundations, if you are interested in this area, even if you do not choose to complete the concentration.
  • Or distinguish yourself with a concurrent LLM in Asian & Comparative Law for just 28 more credits
  • Spend a portion of your time at a law school in Asia

Professional Skills

  • Cross-register for language courses to learn or improve a foreign language – be a legal professional who is ready for globalized practice

Research & Writing

Work with world-class faculty to publish your research with the Washington International Law Journal and beyond.

  • Journal Seminar: WILJ

Real Life Lawyering


Beyond Classrooms and Credits

  • Develop ongoing friendships with lawyers, judges, prosecutors and academics from across Asia and beyond
  • Position for global practice - take the New York Bar Exam
  • Finance your degree with an Asian Law Center Research Assistant position or a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) scholarship to support language or LLM study

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