Health Law Pathway

Explore how health law is applied within these practice contexts.


Examples of issues on which health law attorneys may advise medical providers and government agencies:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Health care reform
  • Anti-kickback issues arising out of physician relationships
  • Medical staff and physician compensation issues
  • Health care reimbursement
  • Security of health information
  • Protocols for clinical trials


  • Provide strategic advice
  • Prepare contract documents for mergers and acquisitions, affiliations, and the formation and operation of joint ventures
  • Establish accountable care organizations under the Affordable Care Act
  • Structure purchases of real estate
  • Work with range of people, including medical providers, private equity funds, investors and creditors
  • Assess the regulatory risks of transactions


Health law litigators handling medical malpractice cases:

  • Discover facts
  • Explain complicated medical procedures
  • Work with expert witnesses
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Try cases -- medical malpractice cases frequently go to trial
  • Speak with confidence and connect with a jury -- most medical malpractice claims are tried before a jury

Health law litigators handling other health law disputes, such as professional privilege, antitrust, business, and medical fraud and abuse:

  • Review large numbers of documents, take depositions and engage in other formal discovery
  • Work with expert witnesses
  • Prepare and argue pre-trial motions, focus on the pre-trial litigation process
  • Advocate in hearings and trials

Public Policy

  • Draft, influence and implement health policy, as health policy analysts, advisors and administrators for federal, state and county governments
  • Monitor, testify and help write legislation, as advocates for the health care industry, low-income patients, or patients afflicted with specific diseases

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