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Registered Student Organization Resources

All Student Orgs within the University of Washington School of Law must annually register with the Student Activities Office (SAO) in order to hold events and receive funding. Information on the registration information can be found on the SAO Web site

Request Supplemental Funds

Supplemental requests can only be made on behalf of a registered student organization [RSO].

Request: Supplemental Request Form.

Questions: Contact the VP of Student Organizations .

Request Reimbursement

Reimbursement requests can be submitted using the reimbursement form. In order to submit a reimbursement request, you must know the budget number. Contact your org treasurer if you don't know the proper budget number.

Student Organization Manual

Any and everything you need to know about Student Orgs. How to become a registered organization, budgeting allocation and process, the reimbursement process, supplemental funding, announcements, room resevations and much more. An all inclusive resource about student organizations.

Student Organization Manual

Registered Student Organization Resource Center

The Resource Center, currently located on the HUB law during the renovation, is a student-run, multi-function office for use by Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that is funded annually by the Student Activities Fee.

RSOs may use the Resource Center and its many resources to help plan their events, activities and meetings, and aid in their recruitment, networking and marketing efforts. The Resource Center provides access to computers [macs and pcs], printers, fax machine, copier, tables, tents, and other equipment.

More information is available from the Registered Student Organization Resource Center online.

Event Planning

The law school hosts many events and meetings that are of interest to all students, faculty and staff. Events and meetings also often have the same audience that would like to attend. Student groups and organizations should make every attempt to ensure that planned meetings and functions don't conflict with other law school events.

Steps for Planning a Meeting or Event:

  • Check the calendar to view other events that might be scheduled for the dates you have in mind.
  • Add the event or meeting to the calendar. If you are scheduling an event, then you will also need to edit the event and add room reservations for it. All events and meetings will remain in a "proposed" state until they are reviewed by UW Law staff.

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Last updated 10/27/2014