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Position Descriptions

Executive Board


SBA President is responsible for making sure that student voices are heard. SBA President is responsible for responding to student concerns, working with members of the faculty and administration to ensure that students have the best possible academic and professional experience, connecting with alumni and members of the local legal community, promoting funding of student programs, overseeing funding and administration of student organizations, and working to maintain UWLS as the top institution in the Northwest.

Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President is responsible for organizing and serving on various UWLS committees that have student representatives. These include standing committees on Curriculum, Academic Standards, Admissions, Initial Appointments, and Promotions/Tenure. Temporary or ad hoc committees may form during the course of the year as well.

The Executive Vice President is also responsible for coordinating the peer mentor program. In miscellaneous duties, the Executive Vice President will work to create quarterly community service and charity events for the entire school community, and also work extensively on merchandising the UWLS gear.


At the beginning of every quarter, the Secretary is responsible for reserving rooms for the weekly SBA meeting through Academic Services. At the beginning of every quarter, the Secretary coordinates office hours for SBA board members. Office hours are posted outside of the SBA office and SBA tries to have someone in the office at all times.

Thursday morning the SBA agenda will be sent to the entire student body. Any student can request an item be placed on the agenda by contacting the Secretary with adequate notice. At every SBA meeting the Secretary takes minutes and e-mails the board the minutes for comments/revisions. Following the approval, voted on one week later, minutes are circulated to student organization presidents and posted on the website.


the Treasurer is responsible for providing guidance to the SBA for its financial decisions, providing reimbursements by SBA to student organizations and individuals, and facilitating SBA incoming funds from the Washington Law School Foundation.

Additionally, the Treasurer serves on the internal SBA budget committee and works closely with the Vice President of Student Orgs.

Vice President of Programming

The Vice President of Programming is responsible for cooridnating the efforts of student organizations at UWLS. The VP of Programming serves as resource to organizations in their event planning and must be ready to work for events that are thoughtfully developed, creatively marketed, and well attended.

Also, the VP of Programming coordinates programs and events sponsored by the SBA Executive Board, suc as the Fall Festival, Thank Goodness It's Thursday Events (TGITs), the Spring Gala, and quarterly charity events. The VP of Programming will also serve as the liaison to the Dean of Students for Orientation coordination, oversee the ordering and sale of SBA merchandise, and a myriad of other duties. Interfacing with the office of Sandra Madrid, Assistant Dean for Students and Community Relations, and with Hannah Hughson, UWLS Events coordinator are especially important.

VP for Student Organizations

The Vice President for Student Organizations acts as a direct liaison between student organizations and the SBA Board. Throughout the year, student organizations can voice their needs and concerns directly to the SBA Board through this office. In addition to representing Orgs, the VP of Student Organizations chairs the budget committee, assists in writing the annual budget, organizes the Org Fair, coordinates the assignment of Org offices, and oversees the supplemental budget process.

Cabinet Members

The SBA Cabinet is a group of student leaders who bring certain skills to our ambitious student advocacy and even planning objectives. Appointments for Cabinet positions are made throughout the year. If you are interested in serving on the cabinet, please contact the President.

Class Representatives

Each class will have two representatives on the SBA to represent their interests. These individual are responsible for representing their class, and expressing the class's concerns and thoughts. They are responsible for planning events with the SBA for their class, and sharing their opinions on behalf of their class.

Bar Association Reprentatives

King County Rep

The role of UW School of Law's King County Bar Association (KCBA) Representative is essentially to serve as the official connection between UW School of Law and the KCBA, as well as to sit as a voting member on the Board of Directors of the KCBA Young Lawyers Division (YLD). The YLD provides professional development opportunities and information resources to lawyers who have been in the profession for five years or less or who are 36 years and under -- this means that every graduating UW School of Law student that will practice in King County can and should become a member! The representative also puts together several "meet and greets" between members of the KCBA and UW School of Law students throughout the year.

Washington State Rep

My role as the School of Law's representative to the W.S.B.A. involves my service on the Board of Trustees of the W.S.B.A. Young Lawyer Division (W.Y.L.D.). The W.Y.L.D. provides programs and services of special interest to young lawyers, law students, the public and to those denied access to the justice system. There are a multitude opportunities for law students to get involved in W.S.B.A. activities. Check out the W.S.B.A. website (http://wsba.org/) and consider becoming a student member of the bar. A form to join the W.S.B.A. can be found at: www.wsba.org/lawyers/groups/committees.htm

American Bar Association Rep

The duties as ABA representative include serving as the conduit between the national Law Students Division, the 12th Circuit of the Law School Division and the University of Washington student body. The Rep holds one of the two delegate votes of UWLS when the ABA votes on policy matters.

Additionally, the Rep is the person to contact regarding any questions regarding membership, interest in attending American Bar Association events, determining which sub-section of the ABA meets a student’s interest and providing information on how to get opportunities to network with members of these sections from across the country.

Graduate and Professional Student Senate

The GPSS is a campus-wide body dedicated to improving all aspects of graduate and professional student life at the University of Washington. The UWLS has two elected representatives for the interests of law students when the Senate considers issues that affect students and the university community. Your GPSS representatives can also help you address main campus issues, obtain funding for activities that benefit graduate and professional students, and learn more about opprotunities to collaborate with other student groups and schools on campus.

To learn more about the GPSS and find out how you can be more involved on campus, visit the GPSS website at http://www.gpss.washington.edu

Faculty Committee Positions

The following faculty committees include student representatives:

  • Academic Standards
  • Admissions
  • Curriculum
  • Initial Appointments
  • Lectureship
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