2010 SALDF Pet Photo Competition

The fourth annual pet photo contest took place April 19 - May 7 and raised $294.71, which was donated to Pigs Peace, a local no-kill animal sanctuary!

Overall Winners:

  • FIRST PLACE (and return champion!) Bocephus J. Ferret, Ph.D., Esq. (entered by Justin)
  • SECOND PLACE: Tinkerbell (entered by Kathy)
  • THIRD PLACE: Margene (entered by Beth)
  • FOURTH PLACE: Franklin Pickles (entered by Erin)
  • Honorable Mention Cat Photo: Leo (entered by Linda)
  • Honorable Mention Dog Photo: Ferdinand (entered by Jordan)
  • Honorable Mention Mulitple Pets Photo: Tuco & Fonzi (entered by Julie)

Daily Winners:

  • Margene (entered by Beth)
  • Ferdinand (entered by Jordan)
  • Bisbee (entered by David)
  • Leo (entered by Linda)
  • Bocephus J. Ferret, Ph.D., Esq. (entered by Justin)
  • Tinkerbell (entered by Kathy)

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