2009 SALDF Pet Photo Competition

The third annual pet photo contest raised $460.87, which was donated to Rabbit Meadows Sanctuary, a local no-kill animal shelter.

First place went to “Bocephus J. Ferret, Esq.” (submitted by Justin Andrews), who garnered a total of $132.60 in donations! Second place went to “Big Boy” (submitted by Deborah Ann Frederick), who garnered $110.50 in donations!

The Daily Winners were: “Big Boy” (submitted by Deborah Ann Frederick) for 02/18/2009; “Jasper, King of the Castle” (submitted by Staci Kman) for 02/19/2009; “Cletus” (submitted by Kendra Long) for 02/20/2009; “Madeline” (submitted by Jessica Rieken) for 02/23/2009; and “Guapo” (submitted by Catherine Gonzaga) for 02/27/2009.

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