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Recent Ph.D. Graduates

WuHsin-Yang Wu earned his Ph.D. in Spring 2012. His dissertation is entitled: Applying Official Language Plus from the Perspectives of Linguistic Human Rights and Multiculturalism in Taiwan. Using international human rights law as a framing device for linguistic human rights, this dissertation pursues a balanced perspective between official language and other languages while proposing legal modifications needed to contribute to Taiwan’s special language circumstances.

PengZhe Peng (Amy) earned her Ph.D. in Summer 2012. Her dissertation is entitled: How should China enhance its institutional support of courts in order to develop the rule of claim interpretation? A comparative study on the U.S. and Chinese courts. Amy notes the significance of patent claim interpretation in patent litigation, and proposes reforms for Chinese and U.S. patent and court systems. She has joined the faculty at Shandong University, China.

HorovitzHadar K. Horovitz earned her Ph.D. in Autumn 2012. Her dissertation is entitled: Safeguarding against Conflict of Interest in Biomedical Research: the case for protecting human subjects in Israel. Hadar notes that the protection of human subjects and the preservation of research integrity within the context of medical research must evolve in step with the changing world of innovation and creative technologies, and promotes transparency and accountability to enhance scrutiny and uniformity to the Israeli biomedical scheme.

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